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// week thirty two // my swedish staycation + a mini city guide

when you live in sweden and apply for swedish citizenship, then you have to send in your passport with your application. due to the fact that i sent my passport in back in april and have just now heard that it is a waiting period of a year to get an answer to your application, lina..

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a day trip to cherokee reservation & bryson city

last saturday was gorgeous. and you know what that means… road trip!! there is nothing like packing a few snacks (thanks to my love!), filling up the gas tank, and heading out with no real plans – except that we were headed west, toward cherokee, nc. cherokee is located beside the north carolina-tennessee border (but..

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how to have an adventure every day.

  all of us seem to want more. at least i do. more adventure. more excitement. more meaning in our lives. more connection with something. and we seek to fill our desire for more with many different things, material & spiritual. we have, perhaps, felt “it” before. more fully us. more amazed. more whole. more..

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