How I’m living intuitively + forecasting the energy of 2018

5 Jan 2018 spirit + soul

For the past 4ish months, I’ve started dabbling in reading the energy of my life through oracle/tarot cards. My intuition has been in overdrive lately, or perhaps I have just tapped into how I can live more intuitively, and that is changing how I approach my everyday life + look toward the future. With this new focus on living intuitively, I have claimed + accepted that I, as any of us do, actually have the ability to read and feelRead More

release + rise with december’s new moon

28 Dec 2016 la luna

It’s time to say goodbye to 2016. Finally. Am I right? All in all it has not been the worst year ever; but it has been chaotic and messy, I think. The energy has been all over the place and that has forced me to learn a lot. Some of the lessons and growth have been amazing… like completing my life coaching certification. Other lessons have been thrust upon me in the form of family sickness and super work stress.Read More

6 ways i am harnessing the energy +owning my power

25 Oct 2016 life coaching, lists

ok. i’m trying something new this week. you see, i’ve got this crazy, inspiring energy right now. it’s not really creative inspiring, like i usually feel. instead, it’s practical/get shit done inspiring. so i’m gonna ride this wave as long as i can. last week i talked with a dear friend of mine who has been a kick ass life coach for years. and now she works to help life coaches become better life coaches + start their businesses. she doesRead More

03.16 wild // the week that was the end of my wilderness // 12

ever heard that old saying about march coming in like a lion + going out like a lamb? it’s something i grew up hearing, and experiencing too, actually. it’s in reference to the weather. an old wive’s tale. an explanation of the windy, crazy mess that is march weather. blustery, cold, and wild in the beginning of the month… warmer, calmer, and showing signs of spring by the end of the month. in between… anything can, and will, happen. snow.Read More

// week forty one // nature + music + home. where i find my peace.

hey guys. here we are, another week past and deeper into october + autumn (up here in my part of the world). the nights have been clear + cold… we’re talking below freezing in the mornings. which means, that i’ve turned the radiator up for the first time in about 6 months and we’ve changed the inside of our duvet from our summer covers to our warm + cozy down covers. and i looooove it. the skies have been brilliant.Read More



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