telling my story of faith + exclusion and the rebellious act of being me

18 May 2016 lbgtq, spirit + soul

i am sitting on my couch in my home, the home that i am so amazingly blessed to own with my wife, watching the clouds disperse outside my living window. the sun is beginning to peek out and shine brightly. it’s early evening, almost 8 pm, and no where near sunset yet. birds are chirping and singing. i sigh a deep, long, satisfied sigh. one that comes from that personal inner space of peace and harmony. and i give thanksRead More

mantras that blow my mind

22 Sep 2015 spirit + soul

about a week ago i shared with you some awesome mantras that i came across. and, i challenged us to discover + create some mantras of our own. it was really fun to dig into my soul and pull out some of the words that always touch me. words that i now realize are not that deep inside me. for, as i began to list my mantras, i realize how they are connected to my core beliefs + priorities inRead More

when i called the african methodist episcopal zion church home

23 Jun 2015 culture + art

there was a time, my friends, that i called the african methodist episcopal zion church (AMEZ)  my home. and i am so proud to say that. that’s right. little ole white american girl me was a member of a passionate, inspiring, welcoming, enlightening, life-changing AMEZ community for about four years. if you know anything about me, you’ll know that i have a methodist (christian protestant) background and upbringing. my methodism is still part of my spirituality, though i also invite + useRead More

girl seeker: the myth of magic + rituals

4 Mar 2015 culture + art

we are supposed to be scared of witches, right? and scared of all of their dark ways and magic and spells and secrecy. well, i am here to tell you, i’m not scared. i’ve learned a very little bit about witchcraft, or just enough to make me aware that i should learn more before judging, so i was really excited about reading eric weiner’s chapter on wicca (the modern term) in his book, man seeks god. i wanted to read about whatRead More

meditation mondays: everything [and everyone] is sacred

24 Nov 2014 wilderness

happy monday, friends! i sure do hope that your week has started off great, as mine has. here in asheville, the weather is gorgeous, i feel focused, + thanksgiving is this week! yep, that good ole traditional american stuff-your-face holiday that i love is just around the corner. but, more on the holiday in a few days. today is meditation monday – and it’s the last monday of november, so it’s the last week of native november as well. today,Read More



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