27: something sweet.

today was a a little bit sweet and sour, i’d say. up & down. so, it is with some days, right?

i know i write a lot about living in the present, listening to your soul, and finding peace & joy in the ordinary moments of every day life. i wonder how many people think that i just spit out all of that oozy, gooey sweet stuff.  i wonder how many people think that there is no way in hell that they can do the things i suggest/write about because they are simply trying to survive and don’t see any way out of where they are right now. sometime i wonder if my inspirational words only serve to irritate some people, like i’m too sweet and sugar-y. i’ve heard in the past that i keep my head in the clouds and seem to stay away from things that are difficult… that my life is so perfect and happy, that i would not understand at all those people who are going through real difficult times.

well, if you think that, then you’re wrong. sorry, you’re way wrong. my life is not always sweet. it is sour & bitter as well.

i must say, though, that i practice what i preach. i really do try to live in the present moment and listen to my soul (that’s why i do yoga, read, and sit). and i really do look for peace every day – even if i only notice one, little moment. and these things are not easy for me to do. they do not necessarily come easy to me, which is perhaps why i write about them so much. so, this blog, my pictures, the things i write, they are ways to help me stay focused in life. they are not to preach at you, dear readers.

and, by the way, my life is not perfect. i have had and do have many struggles. many things that try to pull me into the dark & entice me to give up hope. i’m just stubborn, though, i guess. i refuse to let the darkness win. i truly, deeply believe in love.

anyway, on a day that has been filled with sweet & sour moments, bitterness & joy, i want to share some tidbits of sweetness with you (typical me), seeing as that was the photoadayMay challenge for today (sunday). we all know that the sour stuff is there, but why should i focus on it? why should i let it win? it already causes me enough pain. what i need is to focus on the sweet things in life in order to get through all the sour. so, without further a due…

 on my morning walk to work, the suns rays were reaching down from heaven, filling me with hope & peace.

 afternoon fika at home with my love. i bought blueberries & strawberries. and i made some whipped cream/coolwhip stuff. that’s right, you heard me. i made it.

 bought a new camera!! thanks to my love’s great economy skills.

 held my cutie niece (lina’s sister’s daughter).

 had strawberry ice cream with chocolate mousse. tasted like summer.

 saw a gorgeous swedish field on the drive home this evening.

how has your sunday been? any sweet moments? sour ones? talk to me.

sending you hugs, love, & peace.

day 20: something i can’t live without.

well, with today being my love’s birthday, and the fact that she is the most important thing in my life, this post is most definitely inspired by her and our celebration of her throughout the day. for her birthday, lina & i spent the afternoon outside in the archipelago. the east coast of sweden lies a short 30-40 minute drive from the city and it is truly a gorgeous & peaceful place. but, we don’t get out there that much. the thing is, we don’t have a car & the whole bus thing takes waaaay too much planning. so, today, lina’s parents picked us up & drove us to the coast so the 4 of us could celebrate a birthday fika in the beautiful weather today. perfect.

as i looked through my pictures from the day, i realized that there is another thing i can’t live without (though not as important as my wife, of course)… nature. especially trees & water. so, here are a few pics from the day. a day filled with the most important thing in my life… spending time with my love surrounded by water, trees, and a great, big, blue sky.

it was a beautiful day. and i’m a lucky, lucky girl.

peace, dear friends.

week 4: photo a day. april.

here we go. the last installment of april’s photo challenge. i seriously cannot believe that may begins on tuesday! 2012 is flying by. hope that you’ve had a good week (mine’s been full, and i’ve had a cold, still, it’s been good) & that you’re ready to begin a new challenge with me in may. come on, you know you wanna. of course i’ll post the may challenges on monday (along with the last 2 pics for april). for now, here are the ones from this past week. geez i loooove this challenge. oh, and one more thing, just so you know… all the pics are taken with my iPhone 4s, using the instagram app. the collages were made with the pic frame app. so easy & so much fun.ok. time for pics!

day 22: something i bought. we bough a gift for a friend’s new baby. loved the cute dinosaur wrapping paper.

day 23: vegetable. i had a yummy baked potato with avocado, sun-dried tomatoes, & cottage cheese for lunch. delish.

day 24: something(s) i’m grateful for. my marriage, my job/work,rainy days, the city where i live, my girls, sunny days.

day 25: looking down. on my way home from work… looking down my street.

day 26: black + white. some things around the apartment.

day 27: where i went. on friday, after a meeting, my love & i went to out favorite pub to get the weekend started off right.

day 28: 1pm. at one o’clock this afternoon i was gathering all the things i needed for my afternoon out with my love.

that’s all, peeps. hope your saturday has been a good one. i’ve still got a ton of blog posts rolling around in my head. and, as for the who methodist church convention thing, it’s still going on. i will for sure have lots to say about that in a few days. off to bed now, a day of work tomorrow, and then a very special swedish spring holiday on monday/tuesday. more to come on that at the beginning of the week. plus more pictures. of course. i can’t stop taking pictures these days. but that’s a good thing, i guess. i feel as if i’m expressing myself, getting a chance to be creative. ok. enough typing. i’m rambling.

goodnight & peace.

look what the easter bunny brought.

there was no snow at christmas, but look what we got for easter weekend. hmm… it’s pretty. but, come on, it’s april. and i’ve decided that i’m not that excited about it. the fact that it’s laying around means that it’s really cold outside. not exactly sundresses, sunglasses, and sandals for easter this year. more like, boots, scarves, and hats. hmpf.

 mmm. hmmm. winter again.

on my way to the church last night for my good friday experience with the youth. brrrr..

an empty, silent sanctuary friday night. a cool place to be alone for a few moments.

 walking home last night.

 easter eve morning coffee. the first of many today. and my easter-y inspired fingernails.

 pretty tulips. you’d never know the ground outside was covered with snow. hehe.

so, what to do with this crazy, upside-down weather? nothing but paint my nails a fun, easter-y color, grab extra cups of coffee, & enjoy the moments of this holy saturday/easter eve… besides, the clouds are breaking up, sun is coming out, and we’ve got a full day of family, food, & good times ahead (swedes do their big easter celebrating on the saturday before easter sunday = påskafton/easter eve). gotta catch the tram soon, so, time to get ready! have a great saturday, my friends!

glad påskafton! (happy easter eve!)

sunshine & peace.

i am complete again.

the baptism dress.

i have spent this weekend at home without my love. well, actually, i haven’t been home that much. friday night i worked. but, later in the night i settled into an empty bed to watch the latest episode of one of my fav shows, and drifted off to sleep with an adorable cat beside me. we took care of each other, since we both felt a little weird without lina.

saturday morning was slow and calm… coffee and a good book entertained me for hours; and then i attended our niece’s baptism (lina’s sister’s daughter). it was a relaxed, beautiful afternoon/evening. i must admit that it was a little strange to be completely with lina’s family… without lina. but, it was so good. so much fun.

it has taken 2 years, but i finally feel like my own person again. there is something about moving to another country and learning another language that makes you feel like you have lost your personality a little. i don’t feel 100% “me” when i speak in swedish all the time. i can’t use my little personal phrases/sayings, or make jokes, or relax completely. but i’m getting there! the cool thing about being with lina’s family yesterday (who i’ve really sort of known for 2 years) was that i felt like myself! something has happened and i didn’t even realize it. some new step has been taken. or a new phase has begun. it felt free, light, and enjoyable… where in the past all social situations have been fun, but a little stressful & lonely sometimes. but, yesterday, i felt like i had my own place. i felt like me. come to think of it, i think i may have felt all of this creeping up a little bit… at work, at lina’s work, with the teenagers i’m around.

after the baptism of the happiest, giggliest baby girl, i came home and relaxed. i talked with my mom quite a bit, did a lot of thinking, and then did a little writing here. i went to bed late and was asleep before i knew it. i have no idea where the night went. it flew by… this morning the sun was shining, and after another morning of coffee & reading, it was time to get moving. i cleaned, cleaned, cleaned to get ready for my love’s return from the her survival camp in the woods.

now, she’s home and i am complete again. the weekend went by quickly, and it was a good one; but not as good as when i share it with my love. i missed having her to talk with, laugh with, relax with, and just share everyday life with. i lived by myself a lot in the past, and it was ok. in fact, i enjoyed it. turns out, i don’t like it so much any more. life is so much better when it is shared… and i am so amazingly blessed to share it with lina!

it’s off to rent some movies now and buy some beer. one cozy night, coming up!

happy sunday everyone! peace out.