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the first full moon of 2016: slow down + start your howling

23 Jan 2016 la luna

i can’t see the full moon this month. and that feels a wee bit disappointing to me. i mean, it is the first full moon of 2016. i wanted to have this great big beautiful amazing magical moon hanging over my head as i gazed out into the winter’s night sky filling me with wonder and inspiration during this first full moon event for this year. but, no. however, just because i can’t see that great big beautiful amazing magicalRead More

mini-workshop // find your word of the year : part 2

yesterday i invited you to join me in beginning the journey of choosing our words for for the upcoming year. if you haven’t seen yesterday’s post, or haven’t had a chance to begin think about your word for 2015, then click {here} to get started. it’s good to begin with yesterday’s post and then move on to today’s. the beauty of choosing a word for the year is how it helps to bring a sense of focus + purpose to everything,Read More

a christmas gift from me + the moon

24 Dec 2015 la luna, spirit + soul

hello, dear wonderful friends. it’s christmas eve. and i have a little gift for you.  it’s nothing big, nothing flashy, nothing material even. but, i really want to give it to you – and i think you’re gonna like it. however, its gonna require a little work on your part too. it’s a gift that requires your presence. about 5 minutes of your time. so, if you can’t receive your gift now, if you’re busy or hurried, then please justRead More

free sessions starting now! //weekend #3 of life coach training

12 Dec 2015 life coaching

well, you guys, i am now half way through with my training to become a certified life coach. and it blows my mind. last weekend, as i wrote a little bit about this past monday, i headed out to the swedish countryside to spend two and a half days with some very inspiring people who are becoming very important to me. once again, i had deep conversations filled with revelations, questions, and emotions. in fact, this weekend, i must’ve criedRead More

reclaiming december // a dark new moon is just the beginning

f*uck it. let’s just do this already. things have been changing and crazy and tough and beautiful for the past 3 years. whatever was started during the holidays of 2012 is coming to a close now. there are clear bookends. in the new age/astrological/spiritual world, 2012 was the beginning of something, a great time of change, which would end right about now. and, amazingly, if i look at my life… that rings oh so very true. the beginning (2012) thisRead More



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