asheville + music + me

cold mountain home cozy blogging

it’s friday night… and what am i doing? i’m sitting under a blanket, with candles lit all around the living room, sipping on some cold mountain winter ale, blogging away, + catching up on some thursday night shows. yep. the weekend is here, and i’m at home nesting. and i don’t feel bad about that for one second. i’m not feeling old or boring or lazy or anything negative because i’m staying home on a friday night. it feels pretty damn great actually.

you see, the reason i don’t feel bad is because i live in asheville… where any + every night is like friday night. just last night (thursday) my love + i went to see some live music at a local brewery about 5 minutes from our home. like many ashevillians, we do that quite often in the middle of our regular week routines. because it’s asheville. and because we can. and, in asheville, music is as much of a god as beer and art and nature and food are.

asheville’s music scene is incredible. there are music venues dotted all over the city – downtown, west asheville, east asheville. the breweries are constantly having local + not-so-local bands come to their tasting rooms to entertain the beer lovers. there are concert halls, little holes-in-the-wall, pubs and funky dives where you can find music any night of the week.


and it’s not just little, local no-name artists either. big names have played here. big names still play here. but, there are also grassroots bands and groups and singer/songwriters who play here. it’s such an eclectic mix of music opportunities. the main thing i’m trying to say is this: if you like music, asheville is a city to visit.

for me, asheville has been heaven for the past year. i have had the incredible, amazing joy of seeing three of my all-time favorite groups play here. on top of that, i’ve gotten to know other local musicians/artists, thanks to having the chance to meet so many cool, new, artist friends since moving back. basically, what i am saying is this: i’ve been both star-struck + made some sweet, dear, new friends + been inspired my music dreams all in a matter of a few months.

check out a few of the amazing acts that i’ve seen in the past year. imma lucky girl!

nickel creek

nickel creek

first aid kit




the avett brothers




the wilhelm brothers

these guys are good friends of ours who live in asheville – and who we are planning a european tour with in 2015. yep! lina and i will be setting up some venues across europe with them +  touring with them… me photographing, lina designing + perhaps singing. it’ll be a tour of friends + music + pure joy, i promise! these guys are total sunshine. can’t wait!




my love @ the paintbox

my love has even gotten in on some of the musical artistry action in asheville, meeting for a jam session + leading the group with her amazing voice singing “hallelujah”. so much fun.


whether you are looking for a big, blown-out, exciting concert, or a cozy, intimate one, you will be sure to find both here in asheville. so, friends, when you’re in asheville, here’s what you do: eat brunch downtown. visit the biltmore estate. ride on the blue ridge parkway + do some hiking. visit breweries. do a little local, fair-trade shopping. hang out in the river arts district. drink coffee (fika!) at a local coffeehouse. visit museums + art galleries. people watch. and… listen to music.

there is so much to do in asheville. so much i love about asheville. but, the music scene… it is freaking amazing. get online, book a ticket, + trust me.


peace out, man. light + love. xx



36 hours in atlanta

the walking dead zombies

happy tuesday! if you follow me on instagram, then by now you know that my love + i snuck off this past weekend for a little getaway in atlanta, georgia. it’s only three hours away, so it’s totally doable, but the real reason we left (besides just having some time to reconnect + have pure, simple fun), was to visit some amazing friends that we haven’t seen since new year’s!

weekend bag

so, we packed one little bag and headed down south on a gorgeous, beautiful, autumn day. traffic wasn’t too bad, and the excitement of driving in the big city again made me super happy. i totally love the challenge of driving on a big ass highway. weird, i know. and probably because i don’t have to fight traffic on a daily basis.

atlanta highway road trip

first up on our list – a little zombie adventure. so, we drove straight on through the city, right through all the big skyscrapers, and headed south – out of town. we were on a mission: visit the filming locations for the awesome series the walking dead!! lina and i had lists of places to go. i drove. lina navigated. we may have gotten a little lost + a teeny bit frustrated/worried on the rural roads of georgia, but i’ll never tell…senoia, georgia rural

however, after driving and turning around and driving some more… jackpot! we suddenly spotted zombies outside a restaurant! gaaaah! be prepared for a lot of walking dead photos and lingo right now – so sorry if you are not a fan! and if you are, and aren’t up to the current episode, then there may be some spoilers here.

the walking dead zombies

check this out: right behind that fence is the prison! of course, we never saw the prison, because there was a no trespassing sign since that area belongs to a filming studio. go figure. still. those woods. that fence. the prison!

the walking dead prison

so, we kept driving a bit more and ended up in the little bitty town of senoia, georgia. here we were planning to find some houses used in some scenes in the movie, according to our little map. what i did not expect was to see this when we turned onto main street:the walking dead woodbury

what?! it’s woodbury – the sick little town that the governor set up. they filmed everything right here in the middle of town! senoia IS woodbury! soooo cool. ok. so, now we were officially geeking out. there was even a walking dead store on the corner underneath the water town. and in the basement of the store… a little museum of things using in filming episodes. like i said, we were geeking out, people!

the walking dead

the walking dead darryl motorcycle

the walking dead prison

the walking dead prison

the walking dead

the walking dead carl pudding
this is the house where carl finds pudding + sits on the roof!
the walking dead train tracks to terminus + the bridge that they used for a tunnel (season 4)
railroad tracks leading to terminus + the bridge that they used to film the tunnel scene in (season 4)
the walking dead hershel's farm
the entrance to hershel’s farm!
the walking dead terminus
t e r m i n u s !!!!

the walking dead terminus

the walking dead terminus

after leaving terminus, we sped through downtown atlanta, making our way to the world of coca-cola (a museum about coke, which was invented by a pharmacist in atlanta). we spent about an hour there and then headed over to meet one of the friends we were staying with for some drinks in the funky little five points neighborhood – love that area.


world of coca cola

world of coca cola

world of coca cola

world of coca cola

world of coca cola

world of coca cola

world of coca cola

world of coca cola

friends atlanta

beer drinks friends

the evening consisted of dinner, drinks, friends, + so much fun. back at our friends’ home, we had talked about the walking dead so much, we decided to all curl up on the couch and watch the first episode again – you know, just for the hell of it. so, two dogs, a cat, and two couples all snuggled in reliving the craziness of the beginning of an amazing series.

friends atlanta

friends atlanta

friends atlanta beer

in the morning, we got up + began our morning with some coffee. one of our friends had to go to a work interview for a few hours, but we kept it cozy + real at home. i got lots of pooch snuggles, drank an insane amount of coffee, had delicious quiche and hashbrowns for breakfast, and enjoyed the company of my love + by blogging buddy, lanie. we talked and talked and talked and talked some more, catching up and having such a wonderful time together. you know, just simple, good ole friend time.

friends atlanta dogs

friends atlanta dogs

friends atlanta coffee

our friend’s wife returned and she was so shocked to still see us sitting there. yes, it had been about 4 hours, and we had not moved. but, we were getting in some major quality time together. but now that charlie was back, we decided to make a move and take the dogs on a walk.

it was a gorgeous atlanta day, and the girls showed around their neighborhood. we just wandered and strolled for about an hour or so. it was perfect. relaxing, hilarious, fun.

friends atlanta walking avondale lake

friends atlanta walking avondale lake autumn

friends atlanta walking avondale lake autumn

friends atlanta walking avondale lake autumn

friends atlanta walking avondale lake autumn

friends atlanta walking avondale lake autumn

friends atlanta walking avondale lake autumn

friends atlanta walking avondale lake autumn

unfortunately, we had to leave mid-afternoon to get back to asheville. regular life and responsibilities called us back. but, i was so refreshed + energized by our 36 hour retreat to atalanta. we crammed a bunch in, but it didn’t feel stressed. and, i got to be with my love – focusing on her and enjoying her company. oh, she’s my everything – my best friend + my soulmate.

 we had an amazing weekend, and it was oh so much fun to see lanie + charlie. we gotta get together soon again, girls – thank you so much for letting us crash! in the meantime, a beautiful north carolina sunset greeted us as we crossed the state line.

atlanta north carolina sunset

if you could do something fun for 36 hours, what would you do?!

light + love xx

the adventures of a girl in love with autumn

autumn tree red

so, autumn is in full swing here in asheville, north carolina and it just could not be more cozy and beautiful. october is absolutely a stunning month up here in the mountains. but, i’m telling you, this is only the beginning. the beauty, the coziness, the autumn amazingness will only grow more + more.

here’s an example: right now, as i type this, i have candles lit in my living room. a blanket on my feet. a glass or red wine by my side. halloween lights glowing outside my door on the balcony. the debate for north carolina’s next senator on tv (we vote in just 4 weeks – and it will be a big one). and tons of photos to share with you in this post.

yes, i am enjoying a very low key, relaxed night after about 2 glorious weeks of adventure, fun, and  friends. i gotta get my balance on, you know. so, here are bunches of snaps from the past 2 weeks – snaps of food, drinks, nature, laughs – of sharing life with one another. and, just as a bonus, they include lina’s high school friend from sweden who came to visit us for 10 days. take a peek!

happy october!

IMG_8055 IMG_8074

dinners and beer out on the town – gotta share the avl secrets w/ our swedish friend!
IMG_8081 IMG_8086 IMG_8115 IMG_8116 IMG_8132

vintage store obsessions

ah-freaking-mazing moments: 7:30 am yoga class + midday mountain ride + $2.50 cans of beer and slices of pizza.

IMG_8143 IMG_8177 IMG_8194

a huge fika group (20 were there!) and then some alone time at my “secret” hiding spot
IMG_8216 IMG_8242

pub crawl. i mean, we’ve got 15 micro-breweries in asheville. what else to do?!IMG_8258 IMG_8260 IMG_8266

a small mountain town visit + railroad tracks + true bluegrass + the best burger ever at a lonesome country barIMG_8283 IMG_8292 IMG_8294

live music + another brewery + asheville’s drum circle (there is nothing quite like the downtown drum circle. anywhere. ever)IMG_8305 IMG_8310 IMG_8331 IMG_8334

biltmore estate + wine tasting IMG_8338 IMG_8344 IMG_8361 IMG_8364

the first frost + golden sun + the blue ridge parkwayIMG_8391 IMG_8398 IMG_8399 IMG_8405 IMG_8407 IMG_8429 IMG_8437 IMG_8452 IMG_8458 IMG_8467 IMG_8475

a celebratory last night out with our swedish friend (she left this morning)IMG_8511 IMG_8520 IMG_8524

dedication: 7:30 am yoga class – even though it was dark + rainy when i left home

autumn peaceIMG_8541

you see? i told you it was a lot. hehe. i sure do hope that your autumn/spring has gotten off to a beautiful start. sending you lots of peace and happiness.

love + light. xx