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Full moon lunar eclipse: Our battle cry is here

I was reading about this weekend’s eclipse and, apparently, the last eclipse was in September.  September. It was actually a beautiful month for me. Exciting! Adventurous! Fun! Let’s see… I finished my certification as a Life Coach, it was my birthday month, my brother came to visit, and we filmed…


surrender to june’s solstice + her beautiful full moon

Mother nature + the heavens have really outdone themselves today! Not only is it the summer solstice (eeek!!!) (or winter solstice for you southern hemisphere friends), but we also have a bright, big full moon just ready to light up the night sky! Like, for real. Both of them on…

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november’s full moon: the truth about the holidays

with the holidays upon us, things usually go either one way or the other. it is often a time of sweet nostalgia and longing for holidays past. or, it is a time of gazing ahead, visioning how things might be in the new year. but, what if instead of yearning for the past or dreaming…