friday night brewery tour

it’s pretty obvious that i love beer if you just click through my blog. hehe. part of the reason that i love it so much is because of this awesome city that i live in. that’s right, asheville has also been known as beer city, usa because there are 14 (that’s right i said 14!) breweires int he city + lots more in the western north carolina area, within an hour’s drive. it’s seriously crazy here.

and the beer is soooo good. now i’ve had beer from all of the breweries, but i have not visited them all. so, my love, paige + i decided that we would visit all of them this fall. some of them we visit quite frequently, so i already have my favorites, but in honoring the local beer scene, i also wanted to see what makes each of the breweries unique. hence, the asheville beer project was born. you can see a list of all of the breweries in my asheville guide {here}. just click on the beer glass!

on friday we decided to knock out two different breweries – neither of which any of us had been to before. one, a local favorite, which has been around for many year + has established itself as not only an asheville favorite, but a favorite of all craft beers across the states. the other brewery is a completely new one to asheville. two totally different experiences for the beer lover.

pisgah brewing | black mountain

why have i not visited here before… like every single freaking day?! i loved every single little cozy, down-to-earth, natural, real, totally asheville-vibe place. and their signature beer, pisgah pale ale, is one of my favorites for sure.

the brewery is located in a manufacturing area outside of town. it looks like nothing but old factory buildings. not fancy. not inviting. not even like anything is even happening there. but, behind the doors and in the building is a super cozy space with a bar, barrel tables, stools, a stage, and a fantastic outdoor area, complete with food trucks that visit during different nights of the week.

basically, it was perfection. the atmosphere and the beer and the food truck food and the bluegrass music. i fell in love. wholeheartedly.


pisgah brewing



we left pisgah and headed to downtown asheville, to the new south slope area. the neightborhood about 1 block south of the main downtown area that is the new up and coming hip spot to be. think old warehouses being turned into loft apartments, pubs, breweries, restaurants, etc. it’s a cool area. very “the place to be”.

twin leaf brewing | south slope | downtown asheville

the outside of the brewery is cooler than the inside, in my opinion. perhaps because the outside was old and original. the inside had been completely redone in a lofty, industrial style. which was cool, but it was way more planned than the older, more established, laid-back places in asheville (which i prefer). this place was hipster. and it drew an “in” crowd. yet, it was still not pretentious and very relaxing and warm. i mean, asheville is not really capable of being a place where one might feel out of place. everyone is welcome everywhere (except the grove park inn. hehe.).

we walked up to the crowded bar space, grabbed some beer, and sat down at one of the picnic tables in the middle of the room. this is literally a tasting room, no space for a stage or anything. but, it is really dog friendly, as cute dogs were everywhere. we played a few rounds of connect four, because the game was sitting at our table when we sat down. and then we grabbed another game off of the shelf and found ourselves soon wrapped up in a rowdy, crazy, make-your-own-rules drinking game of taboo. it was hilarious and so much fun.

so, while the atmosphere is not my favorite, nor the beer, to be honest with you. i will be back  – to play games and sip on some local beer. because, hey, it’s still local.




 now, where shall i go next?! cheers, friends!

light + love xx


a little new year’s wrap-up.

i had so much fun on new year’s eve that i just can’t stop looking at all of the photos we took (me, lina, charlie, & lanie). it was a crazy, fun celebration – exactly how i thought it would be…

my love and i hit the road early tuesday morning, destination: atlanta, georgia. we headed straight for a few swedish stores (h&m and ikea) to stock up on a few items we were missing. then, we made our way through the city and over to the east side neighborhood known as little five points. asheville people, think west asheville. other people, think asheville. it’s a hippie, funky, vintage, retro, alternative kinda place, which has been around for a while. it’s dotted with thrift stores, hipster clothing stores, coffee shops, and pubs mostly = heaven for me & lina. we met lanie at rag-o-rama, a to die for thrift store that is tres popular. after a little thrifting, we went into a record store that had so many albums i was completely overwhelmed. wow. and, of course, we had to stop in a pub that lanie recommended, the porter, for a beer before heading to lanie and charlie’s house.

IMG_7258 IMG_7380 DSC_0071 DSC_0082 DSC_0086 DSC_0090 DSC_0093 DSC_0094 DSC_0097 DSC_0100 DSC_0107

lanie and charlie are a lesbian couple that we became quick friends with when we met. well, lanie and i have been blogging buddies for a while actually. but, we only met face to face for the first time this past september, when lanie and charlie came to the asheville area for some camping. we hit it off greatly, and have been keeping in touch via Facebook and blogs, constantly talking about getting together again. actually, they will be having a commitment/wedding ceremony in october and have asked me to officiate (which i can do, since it will not be a legal marriage. so, yay! and boo, if you get my drift). anyway, lina and i decided to contact them just before christmas and see if they had any NYE plans, which they didn’t. so they graciously allowed us to come & stay with them, and they took on the roll of finding something cool for us to do.


once we arrived at their home, we took no time dilly-dallying around, but got right to getting ready for our big NYE…. lina and i getting all girlied-up and lanie & charlie sliding into their jeans and shirts and chains and leather jackets. yes, we are the femme (girly girls) and they are the more butchy type (hopefully i am not offending them, i don’t know if they call themselves that). but, it doesn’t matter – we get along so very well! oh, gosh, they are so much fun!

we headed out to a favorite pub of theirs for beer and dinner – and met up with another couple as well. i had a cold beer and fish & chips, so i was totally satisfied. we laughed and joked and just enjoyed the coziness of our booth in the brick store – if you’re in decatur, georgia ever, go there!

IMG_7294 1525459_10202843512559049_135525721_n IMG_7303

after dinner, we took the train/subway to midtown (downtown) atlanta to head to the main event of the evening. a party called “swank” in a hip, cool, modern bar/lounge/restaurant called 10th & piedmont. it was advertised as a women’s party, but men were invited and welcome too. but that whole “women” thing meant that there were a lot of lesbian couples there i assumed…. and there were. now, lina and i don’t hang out at lesbian/gay places like ever. not that we have anything against it at all. we just mix in with people. and go wherever we feel like going. lgbt focused, or not.  but, this night was going to be a lot about lesbians and women… and it was so much fun. it wasn’t super crazy or wild, as it was an older crowd – like late 20s, 30s, 40s, and 50s, i guess. so, it was adults, not kids. dancing, drinking, laughing. which is exactly what we did – until way into the new year. i pretty much celebrated it up. they even served us party favors and glasses of champagne at midnight, and then we all counted down. after about 5 minutes of hugging and kissing, it was back to boogie-ing and laughing and keeping the partying going.

IMG_7310 IMG_7326 IMG_7361 1526206_10202843217031661_1574884606_nIMG_7331 IMG_7360 IMG_7357 960265_10202843512279042_1545896287_n IMG_7379

finally about 2 am we dragged our selves out of there, onto the train, and back to the house for some sleep. up and at ‘em new years day meant sitting in our pi’s, drinking coffee, and eating quiche together, reliving the night. of course, i remembered everything because i was not drunk at all during the evening. i didn’t need to  be, i had so much fun just soaking up every little moment. plus i had to drive home on new year’s day.

which i did… lina and i headed home later on in the day and then vegged out before going to bed and passing out until yesterday – when we vegged out again (except lina took down a bunch of christmas stuff). suddenly, last night, as we were watching netflix, i looked outside and saw that there was snow everywhere. we had no idea! so we went outside, took some photos, and reveled in the coziness of beginning our new year with so much fun, excitement, love, and warmth – literally & figuratively. DSC_0117 DSC_0120 DSC_0114

i hope that you have had a great start to your new year, dear friends!

peace & love. xx

this is what saturdays are made for.

after enjoying every single moment of being in the urban jungle of asheville, it is time. time to head away from the city and out into the wilderness of the surrounding mountains. time to ditch the school books and job stress, and get real. did you know that the wilderness is literally only about 15 minutes by car from our apartment?! can you imagine how excited that makes me?!


so typical asheville. so urban. so funky. so much to love.


a faaaaabulously funky cafe i visited yesterday. i fell in love.


this secret, hidden garden spot i stumbled upon yesterday inspired me to make today a day in the woods.

so, lina and i are gonna pack our cooler, grab a blanket and chairs, swing our cameras around our necks, and have ourselves an adventure. time to unplug. get away. and commune with the beauty of the natural world.


lina getting some blogging done this morning before we head out. a perfect morning.

time to feel our souls and soak up the mountain air. 

here’s to saturdays all around the world. peace & love.




i can get a little design crazy.

for the second part of my photo journey, i thought about focusing on simplicity at home. we all want a peaceful, cozy, friendly, welcoming home. and, if you’re like me, you want your home to be a sanctuary as well. a place that reflects creativity and inspires. a place where everything has a meaning and everything has it’s purpose and place.

i must admit, i’m a sucker for interior design blogs/websites and photos. there are a few blogs that i follow purely because they share amazing photos of inspiring homes. like this one. and i also pin photos of rooms and designs to pinterest. click here to see what inspires me. i’m a mess of contradictions. i love clean, simple, white, black, & gray. at the same time, i love funky, quirky, second-hand, vintage, and warm. my love is exactly the same… lucky for us, huh? somehow, though, we always seem to work out a good balance, even thought our tastes may seem all over the place.

as we prepare to move into our new dream apartment in asheville, we have begun planning what we want our home to feel like. how we want it to look, yes. but also what we want the vibe to be. we want it to be all the things i mentioned above: clean, simple, warm, and a bit funky. so, as we look at websites for new furniture, and pack up very important things that we want to take with us, we realize over & over again, that it isn’t at all about the stuff. sure we love the stuff. we love cool & clean & funky design. but, the meaning behind it, the purpose of it all, whether it is old or new, is what’s most important. so, i’m working hard to keep all in mind.

i’m working hard to remember to make my new home, a simple, loving environment. where moments are filled with laughter and coziness. where we rejoice and enjoy the simple things… quiet mornings on the balcony. dinners around the table with friends. game nights. nights reading in bed. cooking & baking together. rooms filled with music & art.

ultimately my only dream is to make my house a home. it’s that simple.

here are some of the last photos of my home here in sweden… we’ll be moving out of this apartment in about a week or 2. mixed feelings. yeah. it’s been a great, great, great home. take a look at my simplicity journey for the past 5 days:

day 6: corner – my favorite spot to hang out by myself in the mornings. sipping coffee. reading. writing.


7: bowl – my favorite bowl. lovingly made by my creative sister-in-law potter, who i’m gonna live near very soon!


day 8: family – in the midst of some chaos at home this weekend, we found ourselves in the hall at one point & decided it was time for a silly, crazy family portrait. my family is everything to me.


9. table – with the apartment in disarray, i sat down for a moment with my mac on the only empty table to catch up on some blogs and find some inspiration.


10: DIY – check out my love DIY-ing it like a boss. yeah.


wishing you a peaceful morning or night, wherever you are. may you steal away a few moments of silence and peace somewhere in your home.

out & about in berlin.

back on track with my next to last berlin post. this time, i’m focusing on being out in the city. all over the city, in fact, thanks to the trains, buses, & subways from the previous post. let me just say… being our & about on the weekend we were there was cray cray. the weather was some of the worst weather i have experienced. cold. like raw, cold to your bone cold. wet. snowy, rainy, and super windy. basically we were freezing constantly. so it took alot of effort and motivation for us to get outside, but we did. and we still found moments of enjoyment even in the horrible weather. and now i’m longing to get back there as soon as possible in order to experience berlin in the middle of its finest weather… like summer. so, nope. it wasn’t all bad. and it just made all the inside places we visited that more cozy.

plus, we have great stories. there’s nothing like having uncomfortable, crazy moments to give you stories and memories that will last a lifetime. like waiting for a bus for 35 minutes at night outside in the freeeeeezing cold. and the obsessive hunts for starbucks in order to grab a hot latte and get some free wifi (for directions to our next destination, of course).

anyway, even though it felt like the height of the winter season, it was still cool to hang outside & explore berlin’s urban side.

art signs neighborhood starbucks tv tower lomography street world clock alexandetplatz brunch east hippieurbanphoto booth peopledoor art old and new us embassy tv tower
tv my love and meone more berlin post to go!! have a great saturday! peace & love.

reynolds shenanigans: loose in asheville.

12 bones: popular hometown diner in asheville.
12 bones: popular hometown diner in asheville.
obama eats here every time he's in asheville.
obama eats here every time he’s in asheville.
my sis-in-laws studio. she's a potter.
my sis-in-laws studio in the river arts district. she’s a potter.
typical asheville.
typical asheville.
the grove park inn
the grove park inn. an amazing resort.
the famous gingerbread house contest on display at the grove park.
the famous gingerbread house contest on display at the grove park.
sidewalk music.
sidewalk music.
love this funky store.
love this funky store. loft on lexington avenue.
i. want. this.
i. want. this.

brick. warehouses. asheville. love.

love the streets.
love the streets.
vintage shopping.
vintage shopping.
izzy's coffee den. hipster cafe.
izzy’s coffee den. awesome hipster cafe.
alley love.
alley love.
gourmet chips. food i crave.
gourmet chips. food i crave.
so typical i can't even begin to describe how typical it is. hippie. homeless. nature. eclectic.
so typical i can’t even begin to describe how typical it is. hippie. natural. eclectic. diverse. creative.
industrial view
industrial view
family dinner. fabulous fun.
family dinner. fabulous fun.
saying goodbye to some of the fam on their way back to connecticut.

saying goodbye to some of the fam on their way back to connecticut.

part 3 is on it’s way soon! peace, man.