Being present. Day 6: Using your body to get grounded

8 Dec 2017 spirit + soul

After my little wipe-out knee injury yesterday, I have been pretty much out of commission. I can walk + bend my knee now, but I’m keeping it up + iced for the most part. And honestly, if feels as if I’ve been in a car crash, as I have body aches all freaking over. Really, though, it’s been a great reminder (excuse) to think a lot about how I treat myself + how I care for myself. And, while IRead More

the week that i crossed the atlantic ocean… twice // 44

well, one week has passed and i have been to north carolina and back again… all within 5 days. i was on the verge of becoming sick + breaking down from exhaustion once i arrived back in sweden, but i have hibernated this weekend and engaged in a ton of self-care, so i am feeling much better physically. emotionally, i am calm + stable, and yet worried + anxious. i’m a little bit of everything. however, i am also acceptingRead More

the week that i rode the wave of grace // 36

13 Sep 2016 the sacred everyday

you know those days when you wake up + it just feels “off”? well, that happened to me on thursday. and i was like, “oh no. not one of these days. just meditate and focus and call on your groundedness to calm + connect you.” i said this to myself as i pulled back the covers and rolled out of bed to make the coffee. well, as i said last week, not every day can be a magical inspiring day. and,Read More

grounded 04.16 // i’m not gonna be perfect. i’m gonna be present.

grounded. i’ve been thinking about it a lot. good thing, too, since it’s my theme for april. it really has stuck with me, though. and last week, one of my favorite new-to-me bloggers really made me think about what really makes a grounded life. miriam, over at farm girl miriam,  posted a little post on a day in her life. it was such a fun thing to see + read that i thought i’d have to do one myself. so, on my day offRead More

04.16 grounded // a playlist for finding inner peace

6 Apr 2016 culture + art, mixtapes

How do you stay connected to your self? How do you find balance and listen to your soul? Where do you go + what helps you to ground yourself, and helps you keep yourself stable and strong and inspired? This month’s Spotify playlist  (and theme of the month) is all about finding that place where we each can feel the ground of our being, whether it be through spirituality, nature, art, religion, yoga, literature, mediation, cooking… and so on. I trulyRead More



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