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Why I don’t care about being happy

it just doesn’t matter to me. being happy.

i mean, there are happy moments. and i love happy moments. but, that is not what i am really after. that’s too shallow of a goal. what i am after is much deeper. what i want is lifelong.

what i am after is peace.

and, for me, peace is something that comes from within.

of course, we mean peace when we talk about the absence of war or conflict. and, of course, this is highly important to me, as a self-avowed pacifist. but, we cannot have peace among people, nations, governments, societies… without first creating peace within. we can try, and we can work hard to make peace happen, but true peace begins in our souls. it begins in the deepest part of ourselves. and it is there already, inside of you. i promise. within that inner peaceful place inside us, there is the spirit that unites us all. that’s why i know that, if and when, we tap into our own inner peace, then we will automatically create peace in the world.

so, our jobs first and foremost as human beings sharing this earth together? to discover and live from our own inner peace. that’s where we begin.

and when we are aligned with our inner peace, then happiness just doesn’t matter.

why, you wonder? because happiness comes and goes, and is dependent on things that are outside of us, external factors.

are we happy because of what we have or where we live? do we wish for more, thinking that it will make us happy? what if it’s raining for a week, does that make us sad? what if we feel trapped where we live, or stuck in a rut? are we then completely unhappy? will owning more clothes make us happy? will moving to another city finally make us happy? does travel fill us up and make us feel happy? what if we can’t travel?  what if everything disappeared?  would we then be completely depressed and give up?

of course all of these things affect our moods. having things is fun. being happy is fun. losing things, disappointment, and suffering are not fun.  some things in life are devastating, and some things make us feel like the king of the world. but, if we base our happiness on what happens to us, then we will surely be disappointed. we will be be bouncing back and forth between good days and bad days. because life sucks. it’s tough. there is suffering, and injustice, and violence. and it’s all overwhelming. and we feel helpless.

so, if i am basing my happiness in life on my job, other people, experiences, travel, money, success, my family, health, then i am not going to be happy all of the time. period. fact of life.

when things are not going my way, then i am going to feel like i am out of control. or i am going to pretend that i am happy. that’s even worse. lying to myself and everyone else. living a life that looks good, but feels empty. all because i don’t want to feel the pain or face the truth.

but, what i am saying, and it is something that is hard to grasp onto, is that peace is way deeper than our circumstances. peace cares what is happening around us, but stays calm. because the main thing is happening within us. and, when we can sit quietly in the presence of our souls, then life may be swirling and tossing us about like a ship on the sea, but we remain faithful, steadfast, hopeful. because, ultimately, we know that we are ok. because we are not all of those things happening to us. because we are more than all of the things that define us or make us happy or unhappy. we are the spirit that lies deep within us. we are strong, unmovable, attached, grounded, yet flexible and able to go with the flow.


the bottom line, in my opinion (and experience), is that inner peace is living a life in balance. it is not all puppies and rainbows and sunny days. but it is maturity and wisdom, acknowledging, feeling, and choosing to keep on keeping on, to move onwards and upwards.

and inner peace brings the empowerment needed to do just that. 

but, inner peace only comes when we take the time to be still and silent. it begins with simply being. with getting in touch with our selves, discovering who we are, listening to our heart, letting our passions come to light, breathing, being mindful and aware.

and as we begin to live a life of awareness, then we feel the balance occurring. we feel connected. grounded. we feel… at peace.

the longer and more often that we take the time to just be, the more peace that we feel. the more that we feel that we will be ok no matter what comes our way, then the more empowered we feel to follow those dreams, whatever crazy risks they may involve.

so, ultimately, the more time spent being, creating more and more space for peace in our lives, then the more we actually end up doing. and, everything that we do is then infused with deep meaning + purpose. here is where we live out our dreams and make our unique mark in this world. here is where we take all that we are and let our lives be used for the greater good. but, we don’t lose ourselves, because we stay grounded. we always return, again and again, day after day, to the simple task of being. and, we let life and work and dreams unfold.

inner peace is powerful. it is trust. it is action. it is simplicity. it is living life fully and authentically as we are. and, most importantly, it is a lifelong journey. a constant balancing, aligning, adjusting, and growing. but, once we tap into a life lived with inner peace as the highest value, then the journey, no matter where it takes us, is one that we accept, not passively, but in a more go-with-the-flow-ish way. in the middle of our acceptance, we know that we have control over our lives. our decisions.

we have this one life. and it is up to us how we decide to live it. inner peace provides us the inspiration to live life the way that we wish.

so, do we chase happiness? or do we seek something deeper. do we want to live from moment to moment trying to feel good? always waiting for the next destination? or do we want to go on a journey, knowing that the process, the whole way, every single minute, is all part of finding our bliss?

nope. i don’t care about happiness. i choose peace.

onwards + upwards! xoxo

flowers trees blue sky

40 | may 2015: the sky is smiling (a playlist!)


oh, may! it is the prettiest month of the year in sweden, i do believe. blue skies. sunshine. flowers. warm weather. it is the perfect month to be outside as much as possible. and that’s pretty easy to do, considering that the sun sets later and later. by the end of the month, it’ll still be light at 11pm.

it’s a month that makes me feel alive. and in love – even if june is usually the month reserved for lovers. for me, may has not always been an easy month, but i think that is what makes it all the more sweeter. my love was very, life-threateningly sick for 2 mays in the past. and, so, now, we celebrate life + love + health every may. all month long, we focus on living life to the fullest. being in love with each other. soaking up the simple moments. and enjoying the beauty of the earth during the late spring.

so, all of that was my inspiration for this month’s playlist. it’s a playlist made for lovers + gardens. sunshine + blue skies. it’s all about laughing + being together. taking it easy, dancing, rejoicing. and squeezing every ounce of beauty + happiness out of every single moment.

so, go ahead. click on the photo below and follow the link to the playlist on spotify.

go outside, twirl in the sunshine, smile, give away free hugs, hava a picnic, gaze at the clouds, and remember that life is precious. let’s make the most of every single minute. there’s no time to waste!


happy may!

onwards + upwards! xx

you can also click here to get the playlist! 


i’ve got a little secret. or, it’s not so much that i have this secret that no one else has. it’s more like i have discovered something – but not for the first time. i am rediscovering it. or rediscovering it on a deeper level. that’s more what it is.


you see, i just completed a 21 day meditation series. and by completed, i mean, i did every single day. no joke. i did not skip one day. i just committed and followed through. 21 days in a row.

and it was amazing.

the series was about happiness, our search for it and how we find it. i thought that it might be a bit cheesy, or i wondered how it would be possible to meditate on happiness for 3 weeks. but, i was so wrong. you see, the focus was not at all on happiness in the sense of some surface, emotional feeling. it was much deeper than that – think bliss. yes, bliss. and if you know me, or have read my blog over a long period of time, you know that bliss is one of my favorite words.


so, it was a three week journey within that led me even deeper into bliss, peace, contentment, wisdom, and so much more. but, the main thing that i came away with was this deep sense of being – of connecting with my true self. of letting whatever vision, dream, thought, inspiration come to me during these mediations times as i simply listened to my soul. and i kept coming back to the knowledge – and i’m not talking cognitive knowledge – that everything lies within.

biltmore estate

what i mean, is that all we need, all we are, the ways that we are all connected, the spirit/light/love that flows through us, the entire universe, even, is within us. right now. exactly as we are. wherever we are. no matter what situations or circumstances we are facing. everything is there. in you and in me.



what that means to our daily lives is monumental i believe. it means that we carry a rich treasure of love, peace, wisdom within us at every moment of every day. it means that our happiness most definitely does not lie anywhere but within us.all we need to do is just be. just relax into our being. breathe deeply. slow down. and listen.

for me, making that time a special time every single morning for the past 23 days (i have still done it even though the series is over) has been transformative.


you see, i’m tired. and there are a lot of changes happening in my life and my family’s life right now – vague, i know. but i will explain in another post later on. anyway, i haven’t recovered from my amazing travels and visitors and everything incredible that took place this summer. lina and i have not found that regular life groove yet. and it’s wearing me down, along with the changes and such. i have had some moments when i just want to buy a plane ticket and get the hell out of dodge – like heading to some island to sit on my ass and drink fruity drinks for a week. but, that’s not realistic.


at the same time, i have been meditating and sticking with it. and, though i have had those dreams of escape every now and then, i remember how grounded i feel at the same time. how connected i am to my self and my soul. meditation has really, really paid off. i stay balanced and focused and optimistic.

selfie meditate

how? because when i stop and listen to my soul, i know that my peace lies within. that all of the secrets of the universe, and the secret to happiness, is within me. calm and peace are mine for the taking. and, when i remind myself of that, when i let myself take that time to connect with the universe and all of the love in it and within me, then i just know that…

“All shall be well, and all shall be well and all manner of thing shall be well.”
― Julian of Norwich

peace and love. xx

the photos are from my last day of the meditation series. i went to the biltmore estate and just let nature wrap her arms around me. it was amazing. and a dragonfly danced all around me the whole time (“Dragonflies symbolize the wisdom of transformation and adaptability in life. As spirit animal, the dragonfly is connected to the symbolism of change and light. When the dragonfly shows up in your life, it may remind you to bring a bit more lightness and joy into your life. Those who have this animal as totem may be inclined to delve deep into their emotions and shine their true colors.”) after i got home, i saw dragonflies three more times that day – a little animal i almost never see

what are you waiting for?


i’ve got quite a few exciting things on the horizon for the next month or so. i’m so excited, i’m about to burst – and i find myself wishing the hours and days away. and then i realize that time is moving way faster than i even could have imagined, and i actually just want it to slow down. of course, i can’t control time. but, what i can control is how i live and use and experience every minute in my life.

you know, we all seem to think that if we just make it to friday, or to our vacation, or when we get married or find the perfect partner, or move to the perfect house in the perfect neighborhood, or make enough money, or have the perfect job, etc… then we will finally be happy. we focus so much on the future that we forget the present and all of the gifts that it has to offer. and, life, my friends, is not what happens in the future. instead, life is made up of tiny, little nows. so, if we are always waiting and wishing for what comes next, then we are always waiting or wishing – instead of living. and i don’t want to wake up one day knowing that i have squandered all of my “nows”, waiting for “then”.

so, today, i choose not to ignore my excitement for all of the things to come – for my road trip to the beach tomorrow, and my month long trip to sweden in a week. because those are really good, amazing things. but, i choose to not only think of those things and miss out on the joy of the moment that i am in. right here. right now. i choose to realize that what is to come is not the only thing that is good. today, this moment, is just as precious and beautiful and exciting.

besides, we never really know if this is the last moment we will ever live. so we might as well live it up and suck every single bit of life out of this second. right now. what are we waiting for?

love and adventure and peace to you. xx

wednesday wisdom. 7 ways to be grateful.

i came across an article in the huffington post about 7 things that thankful people do, of the 7 habits of grateful people. i thought it was really interesting and it really rang true to me, so i decided to share the tips/ideas with you on this thanksgiving eve.

there is something to be said for living a life with an attitude of gratitude. i believe that the biggest benefit of it is how being grateful not only puts things into perspective in our lives = makes us less whiney; but it also helps us live in the present moment. i believe that the attitude of gratitude and being thankful is the same as learning how to give positive energy off into the world. we’re all responsible to what we send “out there”, and what we do send out, will be most definitely what we receive back.

i’ve known people who are always negative, always in that “poor me” mode and always complaining about one thing or another, or everything. these attitudes suck me dry. and while i may care about the people, i need and want and choose to surround myself with positivity because i want that positive energy to rub off onto me so that i can then rub some of my positivity off on others.

it’s like a light, you know. tomorrow is also the beginning of hannukah, the jewish season celebrating light (which also happens within the christian church during this season = the “light” came into the world). actually, if you are aware of it, pagans also celebrate light this season, as light returns to the world through the cycle of nature once the winter solstice (the shortest & darkest day of the year) has passed in the northern hemisphere. so, light literally returns as the days get longer after december 21st.

but, it’s that light that i want to spread. whether you think of it as a divine and sacred spark inside all of us, or our connection with nature, that light, that energy, that positiveness is what i want to share with the world. not grumpiness, or gloominess, or darkness or negativity.

so, thanksgiving and hannukah are exactly what we need right now. we need a gratitude check – a chance to give thanks for all that is in our lives. and i am so not talking about the material stuff, though we can give thanks for that too, if we want. begin thankful is being aware. it is being alive in this moment, embracing it and all that goes along with it.

so, let’s see how we can bring more gratefulness back into our lives, and let’s see what kind of impact we can make when all we do is spread light and love and joy. and here are 7 ways we can begin to live in gratitude and spread a little light.

  1. journal: writing it all down reinforces all of our positive thoughts and helps us set goal and dream big dreams, thus leading to inner peace and contentedness.
  2. don’t avoid the negative: the key to leading a thankful life is embracing setbacks as part of our entire life journey.
  3. spend time with loved ones: community – family & friends are key in our lives. we are not alone, and we should not let others be alone.
  4. mindfully use social media: spread joy, not hate
  5. know the value of the little things: stop & smell the roses, take time, slow down.
  6. volunteer: there is nothing like helping others
  7. get moving: getting our blood pumping will give us way more energy, help us feel less stressed, and teach us to love life a little more (it’s those endorphins).


“I am grateful for what I am and have. My thanksgiving is perpetual. It is surprising how contented one can be with nothing definite – only a sense of existence… O how I laugh when I think of my vague indefinite riches. No run on my bank can drain it, for my wealth is not possession but enjoyment.” ~ Henry David Thoreau

oh, how grateful i am for you. peace and love.

compass tattoo

when what you have & where you are is enough.

“Be content with what you have;
rejoice in the way things are.
When you realize there is nothing lacking,
the whole world belongs to you.” ― Lao Tzu

i’m not necessarily talking about material things. i’m not talking about the things that you  and i own. or the things that we wished we owned. i’m talking about something a little deeper than that. i’m talking about what we have inside of us.

we try so often to fill that space inside of us called “happiness” with things that are outside of us. we think that if we live here, or travel there, or buy this, or own that, then we will finally be happy. but, it doesn’t work like that.  not at all. at least that’s not how i have experienced it.

the thing that brings us happiness is not outside of us, but inside. it is the choice to decide to be free. for, as i once read, someone, somewhere, said that we can always choose to be free. even if we feel (or are) enslaved and trapped. if that weren’t true, all the martyrs throughout history would have never achieved martyrdom. though they found themselves in prisons and facing death, they chose to be free. they chose to listen to their soul and to be content with their lives & their decisions to be faithful to themselves, regardless of their outside situations. they lived the phrase, “no one can steal your joy.” and, of course, there are hundreds, even thousands of heroes today who choose to be free, even in the midst of violence, war, hunger, homelessness, and sickness.

one year i met person after person who lived what we would call difficult lives, but who seemed to be completely free and at peace. these people just came into my life at random times and in random places over the course of that year. on the street corner. or outside the church where i worked. in a bookstore in anchorage, alaska. they were all homeless people, on journeys of their own. with a mission. to help others or to walk across the usa or to find themselves. when i met each of them, they were all looking for a little nourishment. and, as i sat with them, they each had tons to teach me about what it really means to be happy, or content. because they all were. their lives were not easy, but simple. they lived in the middle of difficult situations and faces challenges every day, and yet they were content. they relied on the kindness of others. they wandered. they prayed. they shared. they were at peace.

am i that brave? am i that content with simplicity? perhaps not. but, it is something to strive for… contentment.

however, at least i know that, while i love to travel and believe that there are some places where i might be better suited to live than others, my happiness, my ability to be content and at peace, does not rely on my outside surroundings, where my home is, or the things i own. because truly, i don’t need that much to survive (as evidenced by the empty apartment i am living in right now).

my happiness, my peace, my ability to be content relies solely on my choices and my connection to my inner life. do i choose to truly live life and be alive? do i choose to take time to listen to what my soul is whispering to me? do i choose to focus on the positive? do i choose to spread good energy? do i choose to see every day as an adventure and every moment as something sacred? it’s all up to me. and it doesn’t matter where i am.

so i chose to do this…

compass tattoo

day 20 | contentment… my compass. my guide.

i had written about wanting a new tattoo in my guest post over at for the love of wanderlust. and i really wanted to get it in sweden before i moved to the states. well, since time was running out, it just so happened that i was able to get it yesterday.  yippee!

this new piece of art not only symbolizes my ever-growing thirst for travel and my wanderlust-y tendencies. but, it is also a reminder, a symbol of my true guide… my soul. each time i look at it, i will be reminded that i am never truly lost, as long as i know who i am. as long as i let my soul, my heart, the spirit guide me.

it’s true that i am a wanderer. and i believe that life is a continuous journey out into the world, one of exploring new places & people. but, the beauty of life is that it is also a journey inward. a never-ending journey exploring and discovering who we are and who we want to be. but, no matter how far i roam, or where i am, i am never, ever lost.

and like the other tattoos that i have, my compass has instantly become part of my story told in symbols. representing different places in the world, and different phases and ideas in my life. i may have grown and changed in my thoughts, but the foundational belief or idea behind each tattoo i have remains a steadfast, core truth in my life. and it represents a very specific time and memory and belief.

so, contentment? it’s not an elusive thing. it’s a conscious thing. it being mindful and aware of all that we already have… within us. our souls are our guides to contentment and inner peace. it is a life-long journey and a daily practice of just being present.

i wish you each of you some moments of contented peace today, in the midst of the hustle & bustle of your life. may you find some peace & feel loved even in the middle of the hectic moments.

contentment is just a long, deep breath away. peace.

acceptance and yoga.

i think i used to be someone who always seemed happy, who always was happy, because i ignored my feelings for the most part. i worked instead. i read instead. i retreated into books instead. i relied on my faith instead. instead of what? instead of seeing the actual situation that was around me. i was good at ignoring things.

of course a part of me was actually happy. it’s not like my life was or has been horrible. not in the least. but, there were things, situations, that were not great. really tough and painful. still, i plugged right on. i remember my family and others asking me how i could be so freaking positive all the time. i couldn’t explain it. and while i hid behind my faith some, i also had (and still have) this deep, deep theological knowing that this world and all of us in it, were created in the image of beauty and peace. to be whole and healed. and even though things have gone crazy, and there is suffering and pain and confusion and really, really bad stuff, in the end (the end of what, i don’t know), true peace and beauty will win again. love wins. always. i have always believed that. and, therefore, i have always had hope. so there was (and is) truth to my happiness.

but, at one point, i relied on that hope, and those beliefs, so much that i refused to see and accept the situation i was in. i simply stopped feeling negative and bad things. i became incapable of feeling bad somehow, because it hurt too much. and i had no idea i was even doing this.

however, over time, i discovered all my feelings again. with the help of some honest friends and the courage to find someone to talk with, i found the courage to let all my feelings bubble to the surface. and i discovered the joy of feeling all of my feelings. the freedom it gives me. the more healthy i become when i let myself feel.

that was some six years ago. i can definitely say that learning to accept and feel the situation in which i find myself is not fun all the time, but it is way more fulfilling than living in la la land. it’s more honest. more real… which makes for a more true experience of living life.


today i went to a 2 hour yoga class. a special class offered by my yoga instructor centered around new beginnings, renewal, and cleansing the body and mind… symbolic of the season which we are in right now. for me, yoga has become part of my learning to accept. because acceptance has to do with the present moment. it’s not living in the past and dragging everything with us. it is not living for the future, always hoping that things will be better and ignoring today. no, the present moment is about being… well, present. accepting what is. feeling whatever feeling bubbles up.

yoga reminds me to center myself. to breathe. to simply be. accept what is and breathe through it.

sometimes the situation i find myself in in life is crappy. and sometimes it’s bliss. but, i seek to stay steady and calm no matter what, like a tree standing firm & strong, whether the wind fiercely blows through its branches or a calm breeze gently tickles its leaves.  and one of the ways that i seek to obtain that balance and acceptance is through yoga. i have learned that only when we begin to accept things and live in the present moment, can we be ready to move forward. and if i want my dreams to come true, i gotta be ready & willing to move forward.

today, as i sat in my yoga class for two hours, cleansing my body and mind and soul, i let myself just be me. every time i let a breath out, i let go of all of the roles i play: wife, daughter, sister, writer, minister, teacher, friend… i just let me be me. just my body, soul, and mind together. nothing else. i gave myself that time. and i paid attention to my feelings… all of the them: joy, hope, excitement, fear, frustration, sadness, peace, love.

and in the end, after feeling my emotions, my body, my brain, & my soul found a place of peace and quiet. i felt balanced. energized. strong.

so, i’ve learned a lot in the past few years. and i think i understand a little bit more about true happiness. the kind of happiness that comes from within. happiness which comes from a soul that feels, a soul that is honest and accepting; and that, because of that honesty and acceptance, grows stronger and finds more inner peace as each day passes – come what may.

this peace i seek is how i deal with the days and periods in life that are not so great. this peace helps to stabilize me, ground me, and inspire me. this peace teaches me that to accept each moment as it is and to feel every emotion is so much more life-giving and freeing than simple happiness in good times. i have not conquered this inner peace, but it is part of my journey, and each day i hope that i become more and more whole, more  and more true to myself.

my wish for you, is that you find that true, inner peace which comes from searching your soul and believing that you were created for a life filled with amazing, beautiful, dream-filled moments. you deserve that.

peace and happiness.

the spirit of the journey.


i believe that i am a patient person in many ways. patient and accepting of others. but, when it comes to processes… not. so. much. at least not right now in life. my love & i have this thing about hating the process, we talk about the process of brushing our teeth before going to bed, of walking to work, filling in forms, of waiting for answers… so, perhaps i don’t mind the process, it’s the waiting that i hate. when i know i want something, then i want it. like this whole moving thing… i am thankful to get to spend spring in sweden (hoping that it turns out to be a beautiful spring. so far, not so great), but on the other hand, i just want to get this moving thing underway. i’m ready to move on.

yeah, i’m not so good at letting things take their course. every morning i find myself talking to the trees. begging them to please just show me a few little buds, something, anything,  to let me know that they will have some leaves eventually. right now, it’s hard to believe.

and any learning process, any personal growth. forget it. i just wanna hop right to the lesson to be learned. i don’t wanna put up with the shit, the tough times, the hard challenges.

and paperwork. applications. job-searching. apartment hunting/waiting. i don’t want any part of it. nope. just get me the job. move me into my new apartment. and let me get started on my new way of life.

and yet, i know that without the journey, without the process, i will miss out on life. so do i really want to skip over everything? it’s like that quote or saying that i’ve heard somewhere about life being the stuff that happens in the middle. it’s not the dates of when we were born and when we die, but what we fill our days with. if i skip over the processes, the day to day living, and skip right to the end, then i’ve missed out. big time.

think about taking an airplane on a trip. it’s like magic. i get on a plane in one country, sit for some hours, get off in another… with totally different cultures, climate, and people. and while i love that air travel gets me to far away places quickly, i love road trips way more. i love getting in a car (especially when i’m driving) and discovering something new, or taking  unplanned roads all along the way. the road trip becomes the destination. the whole journey is the way. it’s not only about the beginning and the end, but about every curve, diner, landmark, mountain, valley, desert, motel, person, picnic, photo opportunity, and random stop all along the way.


photos from pinterest

so, since i’m such a lover of road trips, surely i can take that spirit of adventure with me into every aspect of my life right now. surely i can calm my soul enough to center myself, breathe deeply, and trust the process. let everything take it’s time. to be a calm, sturdy, secure, grounded, person filled with peace that spreads to everyone i meet…. that’s what i really want. besides, the process is the adventure of my every day life… and i certainly do not want to miss out on anything.

breathe deep. and trust with me. peace.

coffee + sunshine = happiness.

“People always think that happiness is a faraway thing,” thought Francie, “something complicated and hard to get. Yet, what little things can make it up; a place of shelter when it rains – a cup of strong hot coffee when you’re blue; for a man, a cigarette for contentment; a book to read when you’re alone – just to be with someone you love. Those things make happiness.”
― Betty SmithA Tree Grows in Brooklyn

wishing you a cozy mid-november week filled with happy moments.

peace & love.

sunrises are the best.

it’s early sunday morning, the apartment is quiet, and i’m ready to preach another sermon in swedish today. freaky, but amazing at the same time. feels like the whole world is still asleep. that it’s just me. and god. i saw the sunrise, i sipped my coffee, & i put the finishing touches on what i’m gonna say today. all this quiet time alone has inspired me & calmed my spirit, so i thought i’d share a little with you…

i’ve been thinking a lot about being true to yourself lately (as usual, i guess). it’s not an easy thing. first off, many times we don’t like ourselves. we think we could be better, or should be better. we think we don’t deserve happiness. and we are trained to believe that thinking about ourselves is selfish. we should always think about others first. well, i’m not so sure about that. actually, i beg to differ. i do think that it is a balance, that we need not be greedy, self-absorbed, and love ourselves so much that we put other people down, or think that we are better. of course, that is not self-love. that is bad self-confidence. but, i do think that to love ourselves, to think of ourselves means to be aware of who we are. our dreams. our ambitions. our goals. and to that end, perhaps our dreams & goals satisfy us, but hopefully they make a difference in others’ lives too. for when we are truly true to ourselves, to who we are, then our lives seem to radiate positive energy, we spread love without even meaning to, and the world can be transformed into a much more peaceful, harmonic place.

no, i don’t think it is selfish to think of yourself. i think it is necessary. all of us have so much to give; and living from our souls, believing in our own inherent goodness, opens our souls up to the world.

you have something to give. you are here for a reason. you have dreams. listen to your soul, believe in yourself, and chase those dreams as far as they take you.

sending you all the love & peace you deserve.