Why I don’t care about being happy

7 May 2015 spirit + soul

it just doesn’t matter to me. being happy. i mean, there are happy moments. and i love happy moments. but, that is not what i am really after. that’s too shallow of a goal. what i am after is much deeper. what i want is lifelong. what i am after is peace. and, for me, peace is something that comes from within. of course, we mean peace when we talk about the absence of war or conflict. and, of course, thisRead More

40 | may 2015: the sky is smiling (a playlist!)

30 Apr 2015 mixtapes

  oh, may! it is the prettiest month of the year in sweden, i do believe. blue skies. sunshine. flowers. warm weather. it is the perfect month to be outside as much as possible. and that’s pretty easy to do, considering that the sun sets later and later. by the end of the month, it’ll still be light at 11pm. it’s a month that makes me feel alive. and in love – even if june is usually the month reservedRead More


2 Sep 2014 spirit + soul

i’ve got a little secret. or, it’s not so much that i have this secret that no one else has. it’s more like i have discovered something – but not for the first time. i am rediscovering it. or rediscovering it on a deeper level. that’s more what it is. you see, i just completed a 21 day meditation series. and by completed, i mean, i did every single day. no joke. i did not skip one day. i justRead More

what are you waiting for?

19 Jun 2014 spirit + soul

i’ve got quite a few exciting things on the horizon for the next month or so. i’m so excited, i’m about to burst – and i find myself wishing the hours and days away. and then i realize that time is moving way faster than i even could have imagined, and i actually just want it to slow down. of course, i can’t control time. but, what i can control is how i live and use and experience every minuteRead More

wednesday wisdom. 7 ways to be grateful.

27 Nov 2013 spirit + soul

i came across an article in the huffington post about 7 things that thankful people do, of the 7 habits of grateful people. i thought it was really interesting and it really rang true to me, so i decided to share the tips/ideas with you on this thanksgiving eve. there is something to be said for living a life with an attitude of gratitude. i believe that the biggest benefit of it is how being grateful not only puts thingsRead More



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