longing for my other home.

yes. i’ve got two places i call home. and that is an amazing gift. one that i do not take for granted, and one for which i am extremely appreciative. in both places, i have family, places i love to visit, things that i love to do, and places that bring me peace. oh yes. i am a lucky, lucky girl.

sometimes, though… ok, many times, i feel pulled in two directions and i find myself longing for the other place.

in north carolina (usa), i lived in a city in the mountains… asheville (click here to read more about my love for asheville). and right now, i am longing to be there. i am dreaming of walking up & down the crowded, funky downtown streets  lined with hippy stores, bookstores, boutiques, second-hand shops, fair trade stores, vegetarian restaurants, little pubs serving local brews, music on every corner, and protesters chanting & holding signs. i wanna be surrounded by the eclectic, diverse people of all ages, all races, all nationalities, all beliefs, gathering in the locally famous drum circle. i wanna feel the sticky, humid summer air heavy on my skin. i wanna smell the southern cooking. i wanna drive the mountain roads. yeah. i just wanna be there right now.

since my beloved asheville is intensely on my mind tonight, i thought i’d share some of the things about asheville that make me smile…

 driving the mountain roads.

 log cabins.

 lexington avenue.

 hip, funky wine bars…

 with crazy, inspiring, awesome friends.

 coffeehouses & cafes.

 afternoons in barnes & noble (an amazing bookstore).

 the river arts district. (where my sister -in-law works as a potter!). a place of beer & art.

 speaking of beer… local breweries all over the city. yum.

 biltmore estate. you gotta visit.

 the drum circle in the smack middle of downtown on friday nights.

 bluegrass music.

 festivals & fairs.

 oh asheville… you are amazing & gorgeous.

 cheers to you, asheville, my love!

 click on the pics for the link to the original photographer.

how ’bout it? let’s plan a trip! yeah.

peace & love.

sometimes it’s just good to say hey.

good evening, people around the world. just a little post about nothing. it felt weird to let the day end without checking in to say hey. so, hey! hope you’ve had a good weekend & are enjoying a cozy sunday wherever you find yourself.  i can’t decide whether my weekend has been busy or not. hehe. there has been lots of time with my love, which feels great. a few tough moments, but that’s life, ain’t it? and a lot of olympic games watching every now & then. some family time – on the phone and in person, plus some much needed moments of quiet every day. i’m thinking i wanna to do some serious yoga tomorrow, loosen up my spine and open up my chakras.  other than that, i’ve got housewife duties on tap: laundry booked for the afternoon. and who knows what else? but, i’m still on vacation for 2 more weeks, so there is no need to plan too much. gotta love that feeling.

so, how has your weekend been? got any plans for next week?!


immigration said yes!

guess what i got?!

today my PERMANENT residence card came in the mail… the swedish immigration offices have given me permission to stay! i am officially a resident of sweden!

so, tonight, my love and i went out for very short celebration at a cozy restaurant in our neighborhood…

it really is a big day for us. and it feels amazing to know that i am settled, accepted, and have the rights to be here… permanently. i am so thankful that sweden allows me to stay, to live, to be with my love here. too bad my home country (USA, i mean you.) doesn’t have the same kind of laws, where everyone is treated equally. here, it didn’t matter at all what gender lina & i are. what mattered is that we are committed to loving each other, and have built a life here together.

it’s crazy to get to stay! or, at least until lina & i dream up another adventure… mouwahahaha. in the meantime, i feel so blessed,thankful, and overwhelmed at the fact that i truly have 2 homes. and to share life with my love, to know without a doubt that we can be together, that mean everything to me.

so, tonight, i lay my head on my pillow as one who is not a tourist, not a person with limited permission to be here; but as a wife as one who has the right to sleep here every night. though i have permission to be in this physical place now, no restrictions at all, i am reminded tonight in the midst of feeling so excited and proud, that, wherever my love is, is my home. and now i’m officially, truly, really, legally home.

goodnight, world. peace.