what to do with my monday.

28 Nov 2011 spirit + soul

a rainy window, with christmas lights outside, on the first sunday in advent. last night there was a storm all across southern sweden. kind of a scandinavian hurricane, you could say. it’s been chaos… no electricity, transportation issues, wind & rain & flooding damage. it wasn’t too bad here (we live in the northern part of southern sweden. make sense?), but there was a lot of wind & rain. no real damage. so, we were able to hunker down &Read More


16 Oct 2011 life

geez. what’s the deal with blogging? i am having precisely the same problem that a blog friend of mine is having… plenty of words, but they won’t come out. i have a list (literally a written list now) of things i would love to blog about, but it’s not happening. a list of world events, dreams, reflections, inspirations. and my life… well, compared to a lazy, luxury trip to greece, my life is busy and pretty much full of ordinaryRead More

monday morning is here.

12 Sep 2011 life

typical autumn monday morning weather. gray & rainy. makes me wanna crawl back under the covers, hide a little, sleep a little, and feel all snuggly and warm. but i resisted the temptation & got up. made some coffee, washed my face, and began my day with some quiet time. i’m glad yesterday is over. i’m glad that today is here. a new day. full of promise & hope (even if it’s rainy & gray). so i’m not gonna crawlRead More

friday’s inspiration.

15 Apr 2011 culture + art

this is more proof that technology/the internet can be used for good. from knowing what’s going on in the world, to helping bring about a revolution in egypt, to raising money for disasters (Japan, Katrina, etc.), to connecting with friends near and far, to this… what a beautiful, inspiring message! peace. ♥.



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