how to discover your word for 2017. part 1.

it’s that time of year. those lazy, relaxing, what-do-i-do-now days between the christmas frenzy and the new year’s excitement. at least that how it is with me. i absolutely love these cozy, snuggly days with no real meaning. blankets, food, drink, a bit of shopping, walks, movies, just being together. it’s the ultimate opportunity to really, truly slow down. i’ve been going to bed really early (like 9pm) and rising super early (like 5am) this week. soaking up the chanceRead More

01.16 living intentionally // you don’t have to be a nun to take vows

18 Jan 2016 theme of the month

the other week, when i read elizabeth gilbert’s newest book, big magic, i found deep inspiration in her insanely dedicated commitment to becoming + being a writer. she writes that at an early age, sometime in her teenage years i believe, she literally had a little ceremony with herself and took vows to be a writer. not to make money as a writer, not to work as a writer, but to spend her life writing. doing what she loved… noRead More

01.16 living intentionally // intentions are better than resolutions

happy first monday of 2016, friends! how does it feel? i’m feeling extremely motivated + hopeful. excited + focused. positive + grounded. yeah. i really do feel as good as all of that sounds. so, i am giving lots of thanks for that. with that, i’d like to say “welcome to one of my new series for the blog for 2016!” i am so excited to be starting something new, and to be focusing on having a theme of the monthRead More

4 tips for listening to a playlist + a mixtape: january 2016 // intention

2 Jan 2016 mixtapes

it’s time for the first playlist of the year! i am so very excited about this playlist. i’ve been listening to it this morning as i prepare + write this post. so far, i’m feeling inspired, motivated, empowered, moved, and filled with an amazing energy that even my love said that she could feel when she woke up + joined me on the sofa. i take these playlists very seriously, as i always have, searching the whole month before theirRead More



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