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01.16 living intentionally // how to take control of your life

so, my friends, what does living intentionally mean to you? i did a little research as i was thinking about that question myself + there is a lot of stuff out there on living intentionally. it is, in fact, a pretty hyped up buzzword these days. but, as “fad”-y and trendy as it may be, i..

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mini-workshop // find your word of the year : part 2

yesterday i invited you to join me in beginning the journey of choosing our words for for the upcoming year. if you haven’t seen yesterday’s post, or haven’t had a chance to begin think about your word for 2015, then click {here} to get started. it’s good to begin with yesterday’s post and then move on..

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week forty six // the week i said “screw you” to my routines

everything still feels so strange in light of how my first world life reflects on the happenings of this weekend around the world. i ache for those who have experienced death and violence, not only in paris, but also in syria, iraq, beruit, etc. sadly, terrorism exists all over. all the time. we just don’t give it..

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