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the week that i said “no!” to vacation being over // 34

28 Aug 2016 the sacred everyday

happy sunday, folks. can you freaking believe that september is just a few days away?!  it feels like summer is slowly slipping away and we are shifting seasons, doesn’t it? the weather has held up pretty nicely, giving us some beautiful late summer days, but, there is definitely transition in the air. are you ready for it? no matter if you are moving from summer to autumn or winter to spring, eclipse season is upon us. time for us breatheRead More

a few thoughts on life + death + being back on the grid

guess what i am doing, you guys?! blogging from bed! that’s right, we have finally gotten our internet and tv connections all fixed and hooked up, and we are back on the grid. feels wonderful. and a tiny bit weird too. i woke up this morning fairly late for me – about 7:30. i stretched + came to my senses + remembered that, starting today, i have six days off. six days of total, wonderful, lazy freedom. i also remembered thatRead More

when life tells you to “evolve + be brave”

fuck. i’m pissed. at the universe. just when i truly was feeling that the energy around me was all about settling in, life threw me one of those unexpected curve balls last night when i got home. i came in and i saw immediately that my love was upset. a friend, who had been hanging out with her, was on her way out. and then lina said it.. we have to move out by march 15. nooooooooo. we love thisRead More

01.16 living intentionally // my solution to the resolution problem

25 Jan 2016 theme of the month

i can excitedly report that this is the last post of january’s theme on intentional living. and, while i have absolutely enjoyed beginning this magical year of 2016 with this theme (oh, yes, i truly believe that 2016 is gonna be filled with magic), i am totally pumped about february’s theme – which begins next monday! in one week, you’ll get a new playlist for february that i am certain will inspire you throughout each of the 29 days to keep theRead More

01.16 living intentionally // how to take control of your life

11 Jan 2016 theme of the month

so, my friends, what does living intentionally mean to you? i did a little research as i was thinking about that question myself + there is a lot of stuff out there on living intentionally. it is, in fact, a pretty hyped up buzzword these days. but, as “fad”-y and trendy as it may be, i believe that it is an appropriate thing for us to think about in our fast-paced twenty sixteen society. so, here are some thoughts that iRead More



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