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10 books to start your year + feed your soul (in totally different ways)

15 Jan 2016 culture + art

hey you guys! have you gotten back into the groove of everyday life again? recovered from your holiday weeks (if you were lucky enough to have some time off.)? or are you still enjoying some slow time + haven’t quite gotten back to the daily grind yet? whatever is going on with you, i sure do hope that 2016 has started off treating you well. as for me, i am beginning that back-to-work game of juggling a bunch of ballsRead More


2 Aug 2013 spirit + soul

if you visit belovelive fairly often, then you know i love doing photo journeys, and that i have created my own lists for the past six months. and, just in case you didn’t know, creating these lists, taking photos, sharing them. and meeting new people from all over the world who have taken part in the photo journeys has been a joy beyond belief! my little photo journey community has been growing on instagram for the past few months byRead More

time to go into the wild.

6 Jul 2013 sweden, wilderness

hi friends, near and far! it’s down to the wire now. there’s not that much time left before the big move, and the time that is left, i’m gonna be a little sporadic here on belovelive. so, i’m going old school with my journaling for a week or 2. the little back moleskin notebook & a black pen will be my best buddies during this transition time. ok. my camera will be my third best buddy, of course. but, i’mRead More

life is an adventure!

30 Jun 2013 create + inspire

it’s time! july’s photo journey is ready and i’m totally ready to play! are you? this month, i decided to use the theme “adventure“. you may make the connection that i am making a big move this month, so i am actually, literally beginning a new adventure in my life. but, back in january, i wrote down possible topics for each month’s photo journey, and i had written “adventure” down for july. so, after considering other themes a little justRead More

day 5. wild.

5 Apr 2013 culture + art

so far, i haven’t been posting my daily photos for april’s belovelive photo a day journey. i plan on doing a weekly sum up about it. but, today i just couldn’t resist after i figured out how i was going to interpret today’s word: wild. i usually interpret the day’s word based on how i feel that day, or on something that happens. but, today i have been seeing, feeling, and experiencing “wild” in many different ways, so i couldn’tRead More



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