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life is an adventure!

it’s time! july’s photo journey is ready and i’m totally ready to play! are you? this month, i decided to use the theme “adventure“. you may make the connection that i am making a big move this month, so i am actually, literally beginning a new adventure in my life. but, back in january, i..

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day 5. wild.

so far, i haven’t been posting my daily photos for april’s belovelive photo a day journey. i plan on doing a weekly sum up about it. but, today i just couldn’t resist after i figured out how i was going to interpret today’s word: wild. i usually interpret the day’s word based on how i..

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conversations about the open road of adventure.

there are a lot of really great & interesting people where i work. and they come in all shapes, sizes, & ages. yesterday, i had the joy of sitting with 3 completely different people during our afternoon fika break (coffee break, but way more cozy & relaxing) in the cafe at the church where i..

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