Oh Washington! (A sneak peek through my iPhone)

It’s cold in the nation’s capital! But it was gorgeous yesterday, even if it was super windy + below freezing. It was a great day of seeing some amazing, classic D.C. places. I haven’t been here in years… and I’d forgotten how much I love it. Take a peek!






Today it’s snowing! But, we’ve got more sites to see + more fun to have. Plus it’ll be gorgeous to see everything covered in white. Hope you have a great Tuesday!

onwards + upwards! xoxo

who run the world?


guess what i did yesterday?! i saw beyoncé in concert! for real!

floor seats

sitting in our “seats”, waiting for the fun to begin!

i admit that i have never been a die hard crazy fan, but hey, everyone knows beyoncé. she’s a legend. and so, when my love & i had a chance to get tickets to her concert in stockholm, we did. i mean seriously, even if she’s not your favorite person, that woman has energy. and passion. and man, can she dance & sing. i have always admired her, so i was pumped to spend an evening becoming one of her little worker bee’s… dancing, singing, jumping, and all but worshipping her musical royalty. and i did just that.


beyoncé’s entrance!


this is not my photo. i found it on the internet & i can’t remember where. but at least i’m not taking credit for it. hehe.

and oh my gosh, she did not disappoint. beyoncé gave 110% to everything that she did. it’s hard to believe that we were not her only stop on her tour, since she gave herself completely to her performance, making it not just a concert, but an experience. and she delivered a message of love and the power of the people, seeking to be the best they can be. and of course she changed clothes like fifty million times. wow.

b25d0c46c89611e2aea022000a9d0ee7_7 IMG_0780 IMG_0783

it was an even more unreal experience given where are “seats” were. we had no seats. we were in the standing section on the floor, close to the stage. like amazingly close. i was there, sweating jumping, singing, laughing, and dancing with my love and her cousins. we had a freaking blast. what a lucky girl i am!

IMG_0791 - Version 2

IMG_0802 - Version 2


IMG_0804 - Version 2

beyoncé, i am a true, in-awe-of-you, fan now.


IMG_0809 - Version 2

so, who run the world?! girls!

peace & music.

*all photos taken with my iPhone.*

can the unknown path be the right path?

the forest by ågelsjön. just outside norrköping, sweden.

let yourself be silently drawn by the strange pull of what you really love. it will not lead you astray. ~ rumi

the archipelago. skeppsgården, sweden.

 sending you good vibes and warm thoughts for a fun, soul-filling saturday. peace.


oh geez am i imperfect. in so many ways. and, i really let my imperfections shine during the past 2 days. let me share…

on monday i had planned to sleep in, recover, & recuperate from the weekend. in taking it easy i thought it’d be no problem to run down to the cellar a couple of times during the morning to do 2 very necessary loads of laundry: one load of clothes & one load of bed linens. no problem at all, right?

wrong. i opened the laundry room door with the key, set my apartment keys down, and worked on starting the first load. i then set my alarm, picked up my apartment keys, walked out and shut the automatically-locking laundry room door. precisely as i was pushing the door shut, my brain registered that i did not have the laundry key in my hand. but, it was too late. the message did not make it from my brain to my arm in time, and i closed the door. damn.

nice job, liz. my clothes, sheets (which were now being washed), & the key were locked inside. so, i spent the next 2ish hours contacting the landlord & the building supervisor in as many creative ways as possible. i will give myself some serious swedish points for the research i did & the swedish that i spoke in order to find some phone numbers. we finally worked it out and figured out how to solve the problem of the key. though my sheets would be sitting in the washer all wet & gross for about 8 hours before i could save them.

ugh. my crazy forgetfulness.

perhaps i redeemed myself a little, though, by getting the tv all taken care of yesterday. perhaps?

well, as a result of the tv now being all connected & put up (thanks to lina’s dad hanging it on the wall!), i have had a second imperfection take the lead today: my procrastinating laziness. again, i blame the tv. and because yesterday was way more insane than i intended it to be, i still had not really recovered from the weekend, so i decided to take it easy, really easy all day. i woke up early, but i didn’t get out of bed until lunchtime: well, i got out to make some breakfast & such, but i stayed there, with the new tv on, my computer in my lap, and enjoyed just being with myself.

this afternoon, i napped. finally, much later on, i made a trip to the grocery store & finished the laundry: with no locking the key in! yay!

i did break sweden’s no. 2 rule today: if it’s sunny, you must go outside. and if it’s warm & sunny, you must stay outside for as long as possible. with the exception of the quick market run, i stayed inside on this beautiful, sunny, warm day. but, i could see all the beauty from my windows. i could hear life going on outside, and i could feel the wind blowing through the apartment. i was almost outside.

sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do. know what i mean? and today, well, it was not a day to stress out about the things that i do/did that might not live up to everybody else’s expectations. so i’m not perfect. nobody is. we’re all just trying to get along. and today was my day to balance myself out… and i am most definitely ready to hit the streets running tomorrow.

peace in the imperfections.

from a low angle.

“if you look the right way, you can see that the whole world is a garden.”
― Frances Hodgson BurnettThe Secret Garden

to click this pic i found myself crawling on the ground, laying in the grass. as i lay there, setting up the shot, i felt the dampness on my legs, smelled the dirt & the grass, and felt the sun warming my back. how great it is to get a different perspective sometimes. how wonderful it is to be reminded that things can look differently, feel differently, and in fact are different when we approach them from another angle. it’s amazing how much we miss if we always look at things the same way, believe the same things we’ve always believed. hmm… wonder if i can apply that to my life?

sometimes all we need is a little perspective.


there’s just something about a beautiful door.

i had good karma today. it began with this crazy urge to dance this morning, and continued with a whole morning filled with inspiration and productive work. i freaking love it when i’m inspired & on task. feels really good. i should try it more often. hehe. i’m certain that it was the dancing feeling that got me started off on the right foot (hehe. no pun intended.).

after completing my work, i tackled the tv/internet/phone company. i marched right in there, questions scribbled down on a piece of paper, pushed the button to receive my ticket (what number i was in the line of what felt like thousands of customers before me), waited & explored all the technology in the store, and then represented my home well by asking well-educated, precise questions about what we need to do to add cable to the tv we bought for the bedroom. 5 minutes later i left the store, with everything ordered & set. 10 points to me.

this afternoon, on my way to another personal, and extremely important, meeting, i was greeted by a man wearing a green apron, holding a box of frappachinos in his hand, passing out the delicious goodies to everyone who passed by on the street. huh? as i approached this frappachino man with a van, i realized that his green apron said starbucks, & he was passing out starbucks coffee. WHAT?! YAY!! now, you must know there are only 2 starbucks cafes in all of sweden. two. and, of course, they are not in my city. so, as i walked & sipped my caramel macchiatto frappachino, i wondered… does the free coffee gimmick mean that my city is getting a starbucks?! a girl can dream…

i ended my day out & about by walking by the door to the building where my love & i were married. (insert “awwww” here). it’s actually not that weird to walk by this door. i do it almost every day, but today’s little photo challenge was to photograph a door, so i chose this one. i walked right up to it and had a flashback of standing in front of the giant, wooden doors with my love just a few minutes after we were married. that was 2 and a half year ago. the memories of that cold, snowy winter’s day came flooding back. i can honestly say that i am more in love with this amazing woman today than i was on our wedding day. how beautiful it is to share a journey in life together.

as i said, i pass that door on a regular basis, and i often think of my wedding day. but today something felt a little different. more powerful. more amazing. today, as i took the time to revel in my memories, i felt that the best is yet to come. it felt like a turing point to me, standing there, looking at that door tonight. yes, the past has been beautiful & i am more happy than i ever thought i could be to share life with lina; but what lies behind the next door… i can’t even begin to imagine. i am certain, especially after all the good karma swirling about me today, that whatever is behind the next doors in our life, we will face it together; conquering our fears, living life to the fullest, following our dreams, making new ones, and growing as individuals & together.

i began wondering tonight… a door is neither the past nor the future, but a symbol of the present moment. this door, as i stood before it tonight allowed me the chance to reflect & wonder, but more than just that, inviting to just be in that moment. to not turn around & look at the past. or to not walk through the door to the other side just yet. but to just be. the past has been lived, the future is yet to come. today. in that moment. in front of that door… anything was possible. and i felt an overwhelming sense of calmness, joy, & excitement all at the same time.

peace  to you, in your present moment.

day 4: fun! let’s lighten the mood.

after some days of some pretty heavy stuff, i thought i’d share this post… a combo of my instagram photo challenge pics from april and a little tip on how you can get in on the fun. i’m in desperate need of something light & fun right now. so, here are some things that made me very happy throughout the month of april.

thanks to the creative blogger at fatmumslim, i have now figured out how to make a collage of photos from my instagram pictures. and it’s super easy. so, if you have instagram & wanna join in the creative fun, here’s a little how to.

  1. visit printsgram
  2. log into your instagram account (upper right corner of the page)
  3. choose which poster layout you would like = how many pics you want in the collage
  4. name your collage
  5. drag your photos into the poster/collage. they are across the bottom of the page, so it’s easy to see & choose which ones you want.
  6. after you’ve finished that, click create
  7. download your pdf collage to your computer. or right click & save to your desktop. or if you have a mac, just drag the photo to your desktop (this ensures that the pic isn’t so huge. downloading the pdf makes the pic bigger).
  8. post your collage where you want. you may want/need to resize or “save for web” in photoshop for the best quality.
  9. if you want your collage printed, just follow the instructions to order. otherwise, creating the collage is free! and easy!

hope you enjoy. happy friday, dear readers.

sending you thoughts of happiness and peace.