30 days of thankfulness.

so much happens in life. so much bad stuff. or negative stuff. or unfair, or unjust, or violent stuff. natural disasters happen. sickness happens. pain & suffering happen. and lives are changed in an instant. all of these things that happen to us, at one time or another (and most likely multiple times), alter the direction of our lives. we are left feeling stunned, shocked, confused, angry, worried, scared. because these things happen to us, and because we are inundatedRead More

leaving the shoreline.

26 Sep 2012 wilderness

isn’t yoga supposed to calm you? well, tonight all it has done is revealed to me that i feel a little “off” right now. i couldn’t focus at all during my class. at the same time, i wasn’t freaked out about the fact that i couldn’t concentrate. perhaps it’s just tonight i feel like this. or perhaps it’s a longer phase. a week. or more? oh god, i hope not. i don’t feel bad or upset or even anxious. justRead More

there’s nothing like being spoiled when you’re 38.

24 Sep 2012 life

i love birthdays! and guess what, it’s my birthday today. yep. i turned 38 and it feels wonderful. on top of the sheer joy of being alive (i truly feel that way) and being excited to be the age that i am (everything just gets better with time), it has been an incredible day. my amazing love has gone over the top planning & preparing this day, making it so meaningful and amazing. from the moment i opened my eyesRead More

my journey to peace.

12 Jun 2012 greece, spirit + soul

about a week ago, i had a request from a fellow blogger, the mezz, to begin a series on my journey to peace. as i said before, i was humbled & overwhelmed. and somehow i knew it was a sign… a sign that the time had come to finally tell the story i had been yearning to tell for 4 years. so, i’ve begun. i’ll post my first entry here as a blog post, and perhaps each one after iRead More

6 o’clock pm.

8 Jun 2012 spirit + soul

 friday. 8th of june. 2012. 6:00 pm. i plopped down on a bench. pulled out my journal. and started to write. what was it i said yesterday about wanting to be like hemingway? all that was missing was a piping hot cup of coffee. nevertheless, i enjoyed every little moment of writing, while people swirled around about me, tending to their own lives. i was simply an observer and a girl sitting on a bench, writing the minutes away. peace.



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