kundalini yoga

here’s why i believe that if i can meditate, so can you.

21 Oct 2015 spirit + soul

i love meditating. and i hate it too. i love it when it feels good. when i feel like i get up from my mat + have had some amazing experience. i hate it when my mind goes crazy and i can’t focus. when all i think about is my grocery list or the traffic outside, and then i start dreaming about my next trip somewhere, suddenly realizing that i am in daydream land and nowhere near the present moment.Read More

the adventures of a girl in love with autumn

so, autumn is in full swing here in asheville, north carolina and it just could not be more cozy and beautiful. october is absolutely a stunning month up here in the mountains. but, i’m telling you, this is only the beginning. the beauty, the coziness, the autumn amazingness will only grow more + more. here’s an example: right now, as i type this, i have candles lit in my living room. a blanket on my feet. a glass or red wineRead More

long time sun: the yoga in me.

4 Feb 2013 spirit + soul

i planned on writing this morning, but instead i followed my love to an appointment she had. nothing like plans changing, huh? except it was a good thing. a really good thing. you see, i love yoga. you may know that. it’s been something I added to my life about a year ago. i’d wanted to practice yoga for many years, but i guess the time was never right. anyway, i knew it would be something great for me. rightRead More



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