15 obscure words that i absolutely love

13 Jan 2016 culture + art

obviously i am a lover of words. i definitely use them a lot. and i’m super long-winded, no matter whether i am writing or talking. i can go on and on and on… hehe. for me, though, i love words + i use them so much because i have a lot to say. i don’t have answers, and i am not trying to win people over with my words, it’s just that words, alone or strung together in sentences, createRead More

girl seeker: 5 ways i found god

25 Mar 2015 culture + art

do you believe in god? are you a spiritual person? to be honest, i care more about the second question than the first one. because, when we answer yes to the second one, somewhere within us there is an answer that is “yes” to the first one. mind you, what i call god is not the typical idea of god. no, no western white-bearded old man in the clouds for me. i use the word “god” because eric weiner, in theRead More

girl seeker: nature + mysticism, and two religions i knew nothing about.

18 Mar 2015 culture + art

i missed my post on the book, man seeks god, last week. i had just moved into my new apartment and, frankly, things were a crazy, beautiful mess, and i completely forgot. so, today, i’m gonna share the last two religions that eric weiner “researched” in quest to discover his god. and that means i’m going to talk about communing with nature in the ancient religion of shamanism and kabbalah, the mystical tradition within judaism. shamanism ok. this chapter in theRead More

girl seeker: the myth of magic + rituals

4 Mar 2015 culture + art

we are supposed to be scared of witches, right? and scared of all of their dark ways and magic and spells and secrecy. well, i am here to tell you, i’m not scared. i’ve learned a very little bit about witchcraft, or just enough to make me aware that i should learn more before judging, so i was really excited about reading eric weiner’s chapter on wicca (the modern term) in his book, man seeks god. i wanted to read about whatRead More

girl seeker: “go with the flow”, says the tao

25 Feb 2015 culture + art

i know. i know. if you have been following my blog, then you may (or may not) have noticed that i skipped over last week’s “girl seeker” post. it’s a series of posts that i am doing on wednesdays for 9 weeks based on the book “man seeks god” by eric weiner. it’s a book about, well, a man’s quest to journey to different places, encountering people, all in the hopes of finding out who “god” really is to him. soRead More



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