meditation mondays

meditation mondays: the girl + the sea

13 Apr 2015 spirit + soul

“In still moments by the sea life seems large-drawn and simple. It is there we can see into ourselves.” ― Rolf Edberg what is it about the sea? that mysterious, powerful, peaceful, ferocious, wild sea? is it because it is a perfect balance of untamed freedom + calming stillness? what is it about the sea that makes me feel so alive and connected and in complete speechless awe? why do i always stand by the sea and feel so huge + soRead More

meditation mondays: walking through holy week

30 Mar 2015 spirit + soul

i literally could not keep my eyes closed during my meditation this morning. i would close them, breathe deeply, and a few minutes later, i would realize that i was looking around my living room or staring out the window. i even took a few photos as the quiet, instrumental music played in my ears. every time i realized that my eyes were open + i was daydreaming or whatever, i quickly shut my eyes again and took 2 deep breaths, repeatingRead More

meditation mondays: a new way of looking at success

16 Mar 2015 spirit + soul

it’s monday! and the middle of march! and i began a new meditation series this morning! all of these things excite me, as you can tell.  if you’ve followed me for a while, then you know that a few times a year i take part in a meditation series. i hook up with a free series online and let every morning for 21 days start with focus, breathing, and inspiration. i truly look forward to these little 3 week spurtsRead More

meditation mondays: i just realized i’ve been wandering in the desert too.

23 Feb 2015 spirit + soul

lent has begun. as last week passed, christians around the world began their six week reflective season before easter. a time of remembering who we are and where we are headed in this life. a time to look at the difficult life of the person of jesus, and see if there is anything that one can learn from the path that he walked while living on earth. stay with me now. i’m not saying that any of you have to believeRead More

girl seeker: the franciscans + their emptiness

11 Feb 2015 culture + art

well, i admit it. i was not at all looking forward to reading about eric weiner’s experiences with the franciscans. not. at. all. if i’m totally honest, it’s because it’s a chapter on christianity. i didn’t think i’d really learn anything new. and, i’m sorry to say, i didn’t. however, anytime i read anything, it always gives me a pause to reflect + think a bit. and, that i did get from this chapter. the franciscans are a monastic orderRead More



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