02. The week that was… confusing.

Who starts the year confused? I know there’s no way to know what’s going to happen this year, but this past week I just felt all out of sync. The first week was amazing, due to the fact that I was away on holiday vacation. But, put me back into my regular life after 2 weeks off, and suddenly that totally in-sync feeling is gone + what’s left is a confusing mess. Ok. Maybe I am exaggerating a teeny bit.Read More

Day 13 : In nothing, I found everything

16 Dec 2017 spirit + soul

Darkness. Silence. Solitude. Stillness. Are these words that make you cringe, make you feel lonely, frightened, calm, inspired, unsure? What feelings do they evoke in your soul? Whatever it may be, it’s totally ok. However you react to them, it is absolutely ok. And, I am not here to try to change your mind or tell you you are wrong. But, I am here to witness to my own relationship to these words + to perhaps offer a different perspective.Read More

Day 12: My 7 tips for creating time to be still + present

15 Dec 2017 life coaching

It happened. I missed a day. I didn’t miss a day of creating time to be still + present, but I didn’t quite get a post here done. I’ll blame it on my staff holiday party last night. That’s totally fair, right? Plus, there’s no reason to have the pressure to be perfect. It’s just to be aware, accept it, go with the flow, and start over again. Ultimately, that’s what the living in the present moment is all about,Read More

Being present. Day 9: The way to God is down

11 Dec 2017 spirit + soul

I’m home alone. The cat is snuggled beside me. I’m wrapped up in a blanket. A couple of candles are lit. Christmas music is playing. And snow is falling down outside my window. I need this moment. Not because something is wrong with me. But, because I counselled so many teenagers today. Facing things way deeper than boy problems or school stress. My office door was revolving all day long for pressing, heartbreaking, painful issues. And almost everyone that satRead More

Being present. Day 6: Using your body to get grounded

8 Dec 2017 spirit + soul

After my little wipe-out knee injury yesterday, I have been pretty much out of commission. I can walk + bend my knee now, but I’m keeping it up + iced for the most part. And honestly, if feels as if I’ve been in a car crash, as I have body aches all freaking over. Really, though, it’s been a great reminder (excuse) to think a lot about how I treat myself + how I care for myself. And, while IRead More



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