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// week twenty five // midsummer + other little moments

happy summer (or winter) friends! we have made it through the solstice, and are on a new journey now. some of us enjoying the light and warmth of summer, and some of us snuggling into the coziness of wintertime. me, i’ve been reveling in nature as much as i can this past week. i’ve been..

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the summer solstice: magic + light + energy = time to follow your bliss

it’s nine in the evening as i write this, and the solstice is upon us. monday’s sunset today, in the northern hemisphere, we are celebrating the longest day of the year. the day that is the culmination of all of the light-gathering that has been occurring since the winter solstice back  in december. every day..

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mixing midsummer & moving is crazy.

well, we’re one huge step closer to moving to the states. and we did it right smack dab in the middle of the midsummer celebration. here in sweden, we don’t mess around with midsummer. it’s a high holy day that ranks right up there with christmas eve. seriously. everyone has the day off. there are..

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