Tag: mindfulness

how to discover your word for 2017. part 1.

it’s that time of year. those lazy, relaxing, what-do-i-do-now days between the christmas frenzy and the new year’s excitement. at least that how it is with me. i absolutely love these cozy, snuggly days with no real meaning. blankets, food, drink, a bit of shopping, walks, movies, just being together. it’s the ultimate opportunity to..

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my mindful december: kindle the fire within

hello, my friends. well, december is here. and, oh how i love this month. not only for the holiday feelings, but for the darkness + coziness that it brings to us up here in the northern hemisphere. i mean, i just want to have blankets and coffee and candles constantly. and i pretty much do..

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the week that i rode the wave of grace // 36

you know those days when you wake up + it just feels “off”? well, that happened to me on thursday. and i was like, “oh no. not one of these days. just meditate and focus and call on your groundedness to calm + connect you.” i said this to myself as i pulled back the..

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