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10 things Native Americans have taught me

“In 1492, Columbus sailed the ocean blue.” Today is Columbus Day in the United States. It’s the day that has been traditionally celebrated as the day that “Christopher Columbus, an explorer from Europe, discovered America”. As kids growing up in American schools, we are taught that this is a significant day. In fact, Columbus Day..

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the first full moon of 2016: slow down + start your howling

i can’t see the full moon this month. and that feels a wee bit disappointing to me. i mean, it is the first full moon of 2016. i wanted to have this great big beautiful amazing magical moon hanging over my head as i gazed out into the winter’s night sky filling me with wonder..

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meditation mondays: everything [and everyone] is sacred

happy monday, friends! i sure do hope that your week has started off great, as mine has. here in asheville, the weather is gorgeous, i feel focused, + thanksgiving is this week! yep, that good ole traditional american stuff-your-face holiday that i love is just around the corner. but, more on the holiday in a..

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