my view(s) today.

well, here’s my take on the photo challenge for today: your view. i decided to snap a few little shots throughout the day to show my view at different times & different places. take a peek at what i saw…

started off the day fairly bright & early with a meeting at work. gonna have a weekend camp for some youth next weekend, and it was time for me to lead our last-minute, what-do-we-need-to-do planning meeting. it went well, by the way.

 had a little chai latte & did a little iPad blogging at one of my fav cafes.

 had a view of some yummy goodies at the cafe, too.

 did a little interior decorating magazine reading while my love slept.

 watched a downpour & a thunderstorm outside the window. cozy.

 walked in my neighborhood. finally, some sunshine again.

ended the day by meeting a friend at a pub. sipped on a free glass of wine (the bartender broke a glass right in front of us, so our drinks were on the house). jackpot.

what did you see this weekend? what was the view from where you were? you know, looking around, observing… many times just being aware brings me peace.

here’s to wishing you a good night’s sleep with sweet dreams & peaceful rest.