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meditation mondays: it feels like everything can begin now

6 Apr 2015 spirit + soul

I had this feeling of letting go. On Saturday, I sat on the floor, meditating, and I felt that it was time to let go of Asheville. Not that Asheville is not still the place where my heart feels full, because it is. But, to let go of the ways that I am trying to hold onto my life there. It is time to let go of all of the moments that I spend here, in Sweden, imagining what isRead More

take up your spade

6 Mar 2015 culture + art

i’ve spent the afternoon in a café. sipping on chai latte, watching people going by, listening to my march playlist, thinking about my place in this world. it’s gorgeous out today. the sky is a deep, deep blue. the sun is shining – and anytime the sun shines on sweden, it’s warm. i mean, it’s only 39 degrees (f) outside, but if you step into the sunshine, it warms you like no other place i’ve ever been. the sun isRead More

dreary. rainy. and full of purpose.

19 Apr 2014 spirit + soul

as i click my computer keys, the rain pounds on the pavement outside. it has been doing so for the past 24 hours. it’s cold and dark and dreary. as if spring has gone into hibernation today, just in time for this day of intentional pause. as you may know, i have been celebrating lent in my own special way – successfully and unsuccessfully. i challenged myself to 40 days of being in a cathedral, but i have not been thereRead More

wednesday wisdom: rules of living #7

27 Mar 2014 spirit + soul

i know. it’s thursday. but, it’s my blog, and i can do wednesday wisdom on thursday if i want. actually, i truly apologize for not getting it done yesterday. it’s been driving me crazy all day long today, but ya gotta do what ya gotta do. i even had lina pull the rule for this week out of my little cup, but i still didn’t get it done. i’ve been thinking about it, though. a lot. it’s pretty deep and intense,Read More

stairway to heaven… there’s a job out there somewhere.

11 Aug 2013 Asheville, NC, life

remember that i had a little networking meet-up the other day? no? i didn’t mention it here on my blog? well, i secretly mentioned it… it was the inspiration behind this post. hehe. anyway, i did have a little networking meet-up with an inspiring guy who’s a journalist/blogger here in asheville. i’d never met him before, but i have been having a little twitter contact with him for the past 4ish months. that’s not much contact considering you only haveRead More



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