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Tag: new year

01.16 living intentionally // intentions are better than resolutions

happy first monday of 2016, friends! how does it feel? i’m feeling extremely motivated + hopeful. excited + focused. positive + grounded. yeah. i really do feel as good as all of that sounds. so, i am giving lots of thanks for that. with that, i’d like to say “welcome…


mini-workshop // find your word of the year : part 2

yesterday i invited you to join me in beginning the journey of choosing our words for for the upcoming year. if you haven’t seen yesterday’s post, or haven’t had a chance to begin think about your word for 2015, then click {here} to get started. it’s good to begin with yesterday’s…


sometimes all over the place is exactly where you are supposed to be

hi there, friends! it’s early saturday morning and i’m up enjoying a few quiet hours blogging + sipping coffee. i’ve needed this down time all alone. i can’t seem to stay awake at night to get it, so when i wake up early, i suppose it’s best to go ahead…