new year’s day

my word of the year for 2016 /// evolve

1 Jan 2016 spirit + soul

happy new year!! happy 2016! wow, how good it feels to be entering a new year. it was an empowering year, 2015, but i am more than happy to leave it behind. and the energy that i am already feeling for 2016… so. much. better. so good, in fact, that yesterday, on new year’s eve, my love and i both woke very,very early. i actually do attribute that to embarking on a new trip around the sun. a new start.Read More

a little new year’s wrap-up.

i had so much fun on new year’s eve that i just can’t stop looking at all of the photos we took (me, lina, charlie, & lanie). it was a crazy, fun celebration – exactly how i thought it would be… my love and i hit the road early tuesday morning, destination: atlanta, georgia. we headed straight for a few swedish stores (h&m and ikea) to stock up on a few items we were missing. then, we made our wayRead More

lucky number 13.

a clean slate. a fresh start. new adventures waiting in the wings. opportunities for travel. and a chance once again to renew my commitment to live life to the fullest and follow my bliss. what’s not great about beginning a new year?! i seriously love new year’s day. a lazy, quiet day when the page has turned and a new chapter has begun. a day that seems to run in slow motion, perfect for recovering, for pondering, and for justRead More

a song about life.

1 Jan 2012 culture + art

i could not be more satisfied, content, & happy on this new year’s day: snow is falling down outside my window. all 3 of us are snuggled down on the sofa. i’m feeling creative. candles are lit. all is quiet & peaceful. life is beautiful right now, in this moment. ♥ my song for the day. it’s playing over & over in my head. It takes a crane to build a crane It takes two floors to make a storieRead More



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