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when it really is all about the journey

when you find yourself booked for a 24 hour cruise, you start to wonder, “what’s the freaking purpose?” well, i’ll tell you: the purpose is the trip. it is completely about the journey. who gives a f*ck about the destination when you’ve only got 24 hours. it’s all about soaking up each moment as it..

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the week that was like the raging sea // 7

hello! and happy monday! obviously i didn’t get my weekly review done yesterday. but, my excuse is that i was still in recovery mode from the cruise i went on over the weekend, so i let it slide. more about the cruise in a few days. how do you like that suspense, huh? for now, though,..

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meditation mondays: the girl + the sea

“In still moments by the sea life seems large-drawn and simple. It is there we can see into ourselves.” ― Rolf Edberg what is it about the sea? that mysterious, powerful, peaceful, ferocious, wild sea? is it because it is a perfect balance of untamed freedom + calming stillness? what is it about the sea that makes..

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