day 2: skyline.

today has been weird. not my regular schedule, mostly due to the fact that i officially have stopped being at my internship, so my wednesdays are not the crazy 8am – 10pm days anymore. not sure how i feel about it. but, change is good, right? well, the alternative of being busy all day long gave me a chance to sit in the sun with my love this afternoon. we spent about an hour in our little apartment building backyard – the sun blazing down on us, turning our skin a little bit pink. as we sat there, i leafed through our paris guide book, familiarizing myself with the neighborhood where we’ll be staying. it sounds gorgeous. of course, we’ll be all over the place, but it’s always nice to have a great neighborhood to stay in as well. but, i digress. about my instagram picture. it’s the view i had of the skyline from where i was sitting outside. we’re so lucky to have a little backyard & so much sky to look at. plus some old, fab european buildings. loved my skyline view today.

after spending an hour or so outside, we went back upstairs. i was actually boiling, it was so hot in the sun. that crazy swedish sun… so freaking warm. upstairs, lina began baking & i changed my clothes and headed off to yoga. oh my gosh. yoga. one and a half hours of breathing, focusing, and being. so important to my life. it’s amazing how reconnecting with your mind, body, & soul makes such a difference, and brings inner peace (see yesterdays post. hehe.).

i hope at some point today you had a beautiful moment with a beautiful view. wherever you are… take in all that’s around you & find something beautiful. look up at the sky & keep dreaming.

love & peace.

sunday night pep talk.

lina and i were discussing tonight the next 2 weeks and all that we face. it’s crazy. both of us, in our work, have so much packed into the rest of april. stuff that will eventually turn out good, but for now, seems like a crapload of stuff that will suck us dry. i thought spring was supposed to be the time when we felt more energized, excited, and full of life. right now, though, all i’m feeling is exhausted even before all the insanity begins. and speaking of spring, what’s the deal with the weather in sweden this year? i know i sound like a broken record, but i seriously cannot take the cold anymore. my love and i have begun discussing warm, tropical places where we can relocate. not really. we’re dreaming. but, this cold & gray spring has got to go. at least if my stress level is high, nature could send me some beautiful days to help make things more bearable. i know i sound overly-dramatic. and i am. but, i truly am in need of some warm sunshine and i am truly freaked out about the next 2 weeks (let’s not even get started on what comes after that). a tropical island sounds like paradise right now.

anyway, with all that negativity building inside of me, i realize that i gotta get busy with my yoga. hard core. and writing. and i gotta focus only on the present moments. you know, live in the now. that reminds me, perhaps i should pick up that “the power of now” book i’ve started, but never finished. sounds like exactly what i need to help me focus. that and my love… she’s so wonderful. today we had a crazy laughing spell that lasted quite a while, but it felt so good. freeing. laughter… it’ll cure those stressed-out blues as good as anything.

the other wonderful thing about today was, that in the midst of all the rainy, cold days, mother nature delivered some semi-warm, beauty today. and i had a chance to ride in a car out to the countryside, catching a glimpse of fields, massive amounts of sky, puffy clouds, and sunshine. just what the doctor ordered. thank you, dear mother nature.

 a snapshot of the swedish countryside from a fast moving car. hehe.

after a birthday party out in the countryside, when lina & i got back to town, we couldn’t stay inside…. it was still so beautiful out. so, we took a long, leisurely walk around the city.

tonight, as i prepare for the upcoming weeks, i feel the pressure mounting. but, i know deep inside, that in all circumstances, i am not alone and that everything will be perfectly fine. it’s time to get my procrastinating ass in line and bust on through these weeks, support my love through her tasks, and keep my eye on the prize: paris for a long weekend in mid-may! the tickets have been bought. oh yeah.

so, i’m off to sleep now, even though i’m not ready to face tomorrow. but, come what may, monday will arrive and i will tackle it and all it has to bring. i think i’ll make a list and work through it to make sure i accomplish everything, and to reward myself every time i strike off an accomplishment. yep. that sounds like a plan.

for now, i’ll end by wishing you a cozy sunday night and by asking you to send good vibes to my little home here in sweden. enjoy the rest of the weekend, because right around the corner are tons of possibilities and opportunities. and with each others’ support, we’ll make it through.

strength and peace.

the love of my life.

i’ve always thought that love conquers all, that love can be strong enough to keep hope alive & make all things well. i still believe that. only now that i am a bit older and wiser, i know that love cannot do it alone. love needs patience, trust, hope, and commitment by her side in order to win. luckily, i have found that kind of love in my life. it is my overwhelming joy to share love, patience, trust, hope, and commitment with my wife, my everything. sometimes the road forward is not easy, but i am filled with hope because of our  love. sometimes the journey is filled with beautiful moments of bliss, and i am left breathless. to share the dark moments, the scary moments, and the breath-taking, heart-pounding, sunshine-y moments with someone… that, for me, is love. that is life. and this love, this life, is a gift that i have been given. you can be sure i do not take the love that has found me for granted for one second. i cling to it. i celebrate it. and i commit myself to nurturing it over & over again, every day. come what may.

 “the greatest thing you’ll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return.”

~ from moulin rouge 

sending love & peace to you tonight, dear readers.