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disney world: incredible, imaginative epcot!

day two of our week-long disney world party continued at the amazing world of epcot – a place of imagination, science, techology, and international flair. and let me tell you, we soaked it all in. every single stink in’ bit. it was a beautiful day to explore, ride rides, and visit all the countries, but..

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day 19: a favorite place.

i live in the middle of the city, so the few trees that line the streets or are dotted around the parks mean a lot to me. whenever i get a chance i stop, look up, and take a deep breath. there’s something about a tree  that grounds me, makes me feel at home, makes..

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some things you’ll see around town. dublin 2.0.

churches… christ church cathedral. so beautiful. founded c. 1030. that’s old. the famous st. patrick’s cathedral. it is said that here, on the ground where this cathedral is today, is where patrick first baptized some of the irish… the same people who kidnapped him when he was a teenager and treated him as a slave…

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