enjoying the last few mysterious minutes of christmas day…

25 Dec 2013 spirit + soul

are you stuffed? or satisfied? do you feel exhausted? or energized? was it a peaceful day? or a wild & crazy one? whatever your christmas day has brought you, i hope that it has been beautiful and meaningful… i hope it has been exactly what you wanted and/or needed. i have been blessed with a very quiet, calm day. a little different from all christmases throughout the rest of my life, but change is inevitable. and almost always for theRead More

how inner peace unfolds.

12 Dec 2013 spirit + soul

you may think that my hit-and-miss blogging is due to the fact that i am super busy, and in some ways i am. you may think it has to do with all of the holiday stuff that is underway as well, but i really am taking time to slow down and savor this holiday in ways that i usually find difficult. this year, though, it all feels natural. or you may think that my mostly photo posts arise from myRead More

wednesday wisdom. 7 ways to be grateful.

27 Nov 2013 spirit + soul

i came across an article in the huffington post about 7 things that thankful people do, of the 7 habits of grateful people. i thought it was really interesting and it really rang true to me, so i decided to share the tips/ideas with you on this thanksgiving eve. there is something to be said for living a life with an attitude of gratitude. i believe that the biggest benefit of it is how being grateful not only puts thingsRead More

wednesday wisdom: inspiration from a bread baking buddhist monk.

20 Nov 2013 spirit + soul

a few weeks ago, i was asked by the newspaper to go and visit a bakery that specializes in gluten free products, and then write an article about it. ok. very, very cool. my first “on assignment” job! but, the super cool thing was that the bakery was run by a by a woman who was a christian minister, and now is a practicing buddhist monk. it gets even cooler: the bakers are former homeless & at-risk teenagers. for real.Read More

what’s your daily mantra?

10 Oct 2013 spirit + soul

good morning, friends & family! here’s a little thursday love and pep from me to you.  peace and love – receive it and share it. xx



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