i’m all into hemingway right now.

my weekend was everything i hoped it would be. it started off with dinner on the balcony as the sun set and the moon rose. i soaked ernest hemingway’s words into my soul, and just let the weekend unfold as it wanted. little did i know, that it would actually be exactly like hemingway wrote. (click here to see his quote & the moon over our balcony dinner!)

take a peek at my instagram and nikon photos from the weekend:

601c025c1c9211e387f422000a1f9afa_7friday afternoon downtown. doing our regular weekend beginning beer date.


the sunset from our balcony during dinner. so peaceful.IMG_3778

saturday morning’s sky. love it. e1863e941d4011e3a46f22000a1de414_7

spent the morning in bed… all of us doing our thing. so lazy & perfect.0795ff701d6e11e3914422000a1f98df_7

bella, jessica, lina & i planned a girl’s adventure afternoon! yay!DSC_1015

up first: a ride on the blue ridge parkway. it was so amazingly beautiful.


we stopped for a picnic at an overlook. it was hooooot. but beautiful and fun!DSC_0003 - Version 2 DSC_1017IMG_3810

DSC_1019 8f8880aa1d5b11e3bbaa22000a1fb198_7

later on in the evening, after a great mexican dinner at our fave mexican restaurant, we made it super cozy at home. and, yes, i brought out the fall-themed candles. it’s time!IMG_3818

we also bought a string of bulbs to hang over our bedroom windows. love them so much.

2442af501e0a11e3890a22000a1fbc9a_7sunday morning: time for coffee and the sunday morning news shows. IMG_3832

for some mid-afternoon coffee, i headed down to our apartment complex’s clubhouse (2 floors below us) for some of the free starbucks coffee that have available for residents. yummy luxury.

well, it’s time for a new week to begin. what  lucky, lucky girl i am. you know, i am fully convinced that it is the simple things and being present in the moment that is what life’s all about. sharing life with others, enjoying all that is around. being aware of the beauty that is everywhere. and embracing the moment as it is. my friends, i certainly hope that you had a lovely weekend too!

“It is good to have an end to journey toward; but it is the journey that matters, in the end.” 
― Ernest Hemingway

sending you lots of love and peace.

sunshine & strawberries.

last night (as every night) i slept under the stars that hang on my headboard. i woke early to the sun streaming in the room and hugged my family before i rolled out of bed to make some coffee. (instagram challenge: where i slept)

one of the most lovely streets in norrköping.

yes. it smells as good as it looks.

today, like all other swedes everywhere, i bought strawberries for the midsummer celebration tomorrow. strawberries are a must during midsummer. and i successfully tasted (thanks to the cute middle-easter man selling them who offered me a chance to eat one after another.) and bought tons of yummy, fresh, swedish-grown strawberries. yep. i buy local.

this afternoon i spent some time on a blanket outside with my love. the weather was… how can i describe it best? p.e.r.f.e.c.t.

 the amazing blue sky made a perfect background for this little flower i picked.

 hippie love.

the sunset on the longest day of the year. 11:45 pm. crazy, huh?

you know, all of today was not sunshine and fresh strawberries. my life is real, filled with real pain & real problems. today, there were some very crappy, difficult moments. but, right now i sit watching the sun set on this first full day of summer. and as i sit here, the evening closing in around me, reflecting on my day and all the ups & downs, i realize once again the strength of loving someone. and of being loved.  my amazing love and i weathered this day together… the sunshine & the storms.

it’s true that there are many moments in many days that i’d love to skip over or erase, but i must remember that these are just moments. they will pass. and there is always some beauty surrounding even the bleakest, darkest, most painful & frustrating moments.

so, it may look like my life is perfect. that everything is, in fact, sunshine & strawberries. well, it’s not. it’s just that i try to practice mindfulness, being present in the moment. i soak in all the moments that come my way; but those dark & scary ones, i know that they do not last. i work very hard (and write in my personal journal) all of my thoughts, feelings, fears. sometimes i share them here. but, more than a place to write my every thought, this blog has become a place for me to renew myself and to offer inspiration & hope, for those are my most foundational beliefs. all of the pain exists, oh yeah. and i feel every little bit of it.  but, the love, the peace, the hope… they all exist too. but they do not only exist, they win.

hope you’ve had a beautiful first day of summer! get some vitamin d whenever you can. it’ll do you good!

peace, love, & strawberries.