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Episode 22 // How podcasting teaches us to live in the moment 

Today I feel physically bad. Lina feels a bit like an emotional train wreck. And we honestly didn’t really know what to talk about for this podcast. But, we podcasted anyway. Cause we love it.  So, we hooked everything up, hit record, and just started talking. And, you know what?…


the week that i said “no!” to vacation being over // 34

happy sunday, folks. can you freaking believe that september is just a few days away?!  it feels like summer is slowly slipping away and we are shifting seasons, doesn’t it? the weather has held up pretty nicely, giving us some beautiful late summer days, but, there is definitely transition in…

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the week that was the beginning of the new (school) year // 33

hellooooo! guess who’s back on track + ready for regular life again? that’s right. i’m coming down from my summer high and it feels great. oh sure, i could summer vacation forever, and leaving the states broke my heart (like, literally, i sobbed and sobbed as the plane took off).…


how to find your zen at work: living life both on + off the mat

most of you know that i am in the midst of figuring out/discovering a new balance to my life. after returning to a (more or less) 8-5 work schedule, i am really exploring the ways to keep that deeply connected + grounded feeling throughout my day. it’s super easy to…