Tag: priorities

a fifteen minute post in the middle of the week early in the morning

i have this idea, this beautiful idea, that i am going to write and schedule all of my posts for the week ahead during the weekend (or on monday, the day i work from home). however,  it remains just an idea. i do not seem to get it all done. for example, this past weekend/monday..

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how available are you?

when you don’t have a 9-5 job, or any job with a set schedule, then you tend to be available and flexible. which is a good thing. but, only if you set boundaries. know your limits. and learn how to say “no”. oh, and are disciplined. very disciplined. working as a freelance writer and photographer,..

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keepin’ it simple.

i know that i begin a lot of my posts by talking about the weather. but, weather seems to affect my mood tremendously, for better or for worse. so, i’m gonna write a little about how things are meteorologically in sweden right now. it ain’t so great. so much for all of may being the..

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