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week twenty two | asheville vibes, pubs, and friends

happy monday, friends! i hope your last week of may was a good one. if i am honest with you, mine was very mixed. there were a few things that were super tough and challenging, and then there were some moments that were just completely beautiful and life-fullfing. but, i suppose that that’s exactly how life..

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autumn in everything.

it’s thursday night and my weekend has begun! i have the next 3 days off & not that much planned. feels really, really good. especially after last weekend; which was good, but over-the-top busy. i think i pretty much lived at the church. so, besides a little meeting tomorrow, everything else i do over the..

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i am he as you are he as you are me & we are all together.

it’s a new day. a new year. filled with new opportunities, new adventures, new friends, new experiences, and a chance for old dreams to be realized and understood in a new way. i can’t wait to see what year #38 has waiting for me. it feels good. it feels exciting. and i am so happy..

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