sensory overload. part 10.

hi folks! i don’t have much time to write today, so i’ll be brief. the past week was quite fantastic with lent beginning and our first european visitors coming to town! they’re still here now = why i don’t have much time to write. i’m spending all my time having too much fun. so, i’ll just give you a post of lots of photos of moments that overwhelmed me and made my soul sing. hope you enjoy!

IMG_9753 IMG_9763 IMG_9776 IMG_9782 IMG_9802 DSC_0043 DSC_0084 IMG_9834 IMG_9853 IMG_9864 IMG_9898 IMG_9932 IMG_9934 IMG_9938 IMG_9942 IMG_9952 IMG_9948

wishing you a beautiful week!

peace & love. xx

disney world: animal kingdom!

it’s safari time! and finally the weather was not chilly or cold. in fact, we even took off our jackets a few times (yay!)… only to have to put on ponchos later in the afternoon. but you know what? that did not stop our fun one bit. we were silly, happy girls even in the rain. i mean, doesn’t rain make everything more adventurous? i always say that i want to soak up the moments… and this day, i did just that. literally.

we noticed that it had rained during the night, but we remained optimistic! after entering the park and being overwhelmed by the beauty of the natural surroundings (that had been planted, mind you) and greenery everywhere, we made our way to have some breakfast. it was a big, stick to your ribs kinda breakfast, perfect for this day. then, we got right to it.

DSC_0210 DSC_0639 DSC_0642 DSC_0646IMG_7890

first up, the finding nemo musical performance! but, we had a little time to kill, so we wandered around dino-land and took in the sights. then, it was time for the show! as we waited, there was a kid sitting directly behind us. he was kicking my seat continuously and was too smart for his own good. he talked, chattered, and made a comment on everything constantly without ever taking a breath. it was exhausting just sitting behind him. and i found myself worrying that i’d never make it. if this continued through the show, i was gonna have to say something to the parents. luckily, as soon as the show – the amaaaaazing show – began, he quieted right down. i even forgot he was there. whew.DSC_0227 DSC_0651 DSC_0654 IMG_7897 IMG_7903 IMG_7912

after the show, we did some rides (i won’t say i freaked out, but i did a little. when did i become so wussy?), which turned out to be so much fun and then headed over to the asia part of the park to explore the animals and the sights…DSC_0667 IMG_7920

we walked through a jungle area and one thing became very, very clear to me. i have to go to india, indonesia, and asia. i mean, i’ve know that my wanderlust tendencies extend to that continent, but i felt so connected – even in a disney world created asia. the prayer flags, the trees and thick vegetation. it was all so peaceful. so spiritual. i truly have to go.

IMG_7918DSC_0675 DSC_0685 DSC_0688 DSC_0261

then, it was off to africa and our safari! first, a quick bite for lunch, though. some african, curry something under a thatched roof, where birds and rain were still enjoying our meal with us. though, the food was not great (the one & only time we had not so great food), we entertained each other (and everyone else probably) tremendously as we caught a case of the giggles and could not settle down. when we decided to move on, it was raining properly, so i had to buy a poncho with a big ass mickey on it. lina had hers with her. mine was in the hotel room. typical me.DSC_0693

but, it was time for the safari! rain or no rain. we did not care. bring it on! you know, if i’m honest, sometimes it’s fun to have a day when you just get wet and don’t care. you just let the rain pour down on you, step in all the puddles, and know that the water will not kill you. and then, then it becomes fun!IMG_7934 DSC_0697 DSC_0716 DSC_0726 DSC_0734 DSC_0744IMG_7956

that’s it folks! our hotel, all four disney world parks, downtown disney, a luau, and lots and lots of laughs. memories and fun that we won’t soon forget. thanks for traveling with us through my blog posts. of course, i highly recommend disney world – for anyone who likes magic, laughter, surprises, imagination, and time with family.

now, let’s see… where to next? hmmm… perhaps a trip to new orleans is in the very beginning stages of planning. mouahhahaha.

peace and love. and wanderlust! xx

sensory overload. part 2.

friends, we are only about one week out from thanksgiving!! woo hoo! i know that there are quiet a few of you who are not american, so you’re not really counting the days, but, i sure am! i cannot wait! a little mini-vacay back at my parents’  place at the beach sounds just perfect. and then, it’s full swing into christmas! exciting and cozy times are ahead.

this past week, it felt as if autumn sort of fell away into very late autumn/early winter. i was all cozy in boots and sweaters all week long. and loving it to pieces. there were lots of fabulous little moments, every day kinds of things, i suppose. but, i am working so hard on being present, so i am more aware of the little things lately. i seem to be appreciating the tiniest things these days.

here are a few of the things that made my senses go into overdrive and left me feeling inspired and overwhelmed with gratitude. that’s right. i kept my promise this week and here’s my sensory overload, part 2! go me.


  • i had another article in the paper last week!! it was my second fika article and you can read it here, if you want. i cannot believe that i have the opportunity to do this!!
  • also, i noticed that most of the leaves were suddenly gone from the trees. it’s like it happened overnight. wow. but, you know what? the bare branches are just as beautiful.


  • i enjoyed a steaming hot bowl of corn chowder at home on a very windy and cold day. the perfect warm-me-up and autumn moment.
  • and, oh the joys of a saturday morning brunch complete with eggs, biscuits and gravy, bacon, potatoes, coffee, and… mimosas. perfection.


  • the leaves on the sidewalk as the crunched beneath my feet.
  • the feel of the leather chair i sat in for a few hours at the book exchange/champagne bar.
  • my new annual pass card to the biltmore estate in my hands – oh the fun!


  • the rain pattering down on my windshield as a drove around the city doing errands. while i always prefer to be home under a blanket when it’s raining, it is also quite cozy to drive and hear the rain beating down on the car. at least that’s how i felt that day.
  • i also heard the voices and laughter of strangers becoming acquaintances over coffee during my first fika gathering – that completely warmed my heart and made me giddy with glee.


  • the first night of crawling in bed and pulling the covers up around my head, when the sheets have just been cleaned. need i say more?


  • the chilly, crisp, early winter air as the wind whipped through the trees.
  • the joy of going to a movie & the pain of watching a true story on the big screen about a man who was a slave for 12 years.
  • sharing these moments with my wife and my brother = pure happiness.
  • other feelings: excitement, pride, peace, sadness, silliness, hope, mystery,  love.

IMG_5811 IMG_5819 IMG_5847 IMG_5856 IMG_5875 IMG_5884 IMG_5885

IMG_5927 IMG_5936 IMG_5940 IMG_5941 IMG_5893what has make your senses come alive in the past few days? what has overloaded and overwhelmed you? i’ll bet you can think of at least a few things for which you are grateful, right?

just letting you know, once again, that the fact that you click on my blog and read the things i write and post, overwhelms me too. so. very. much. i am so thankful for the fact that you care to check in and share your thoughts, or just read my words. it makes all the difference.

happy week before thanksgiving, loves!