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reclaiming december // the last post of the series

the darkest days are over. we have just started to emerge from the depths of our caves. not, fully out yet, but awakening. stretching. moving. peering at the light that has pierced through the darkness. that tiny sliver of light that reminds us that we are now starting a new journey. the journey that leads..

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reclaiming december // winter solstice: one last night in the dark

this morning (monday morning), i did my last meditation in the dark. starting tomorrow, i will begin to light candles as i usually do when i meditate. the ritual of lighting a candle before i begin my meditation has been something that has been with me for a long time. it is in outward, physical..

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reclaiming december // how to find your voice in these dark times

well, now we are here. deep inside our caves. it’s the 4th sunday in advent, the last sunday in advent, and it is very, very dark. the past three sundays have been marking our journey into the dark, and today we have reached the center. we are pretty much as far down and as deep..

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