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Why I believe we should have rituals. Plus, a playlist to help us get started.

Happy new week, lovelies. This week I wanna talk with you about rituals. Are you freaking out yet? Or completely turned off? Stay will me… I’ve talked about rituals before here on the blog. And, I have pretty much summed up what I believe about them in a few old posts.…

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surrender to june’s solstice + her beautiful full moon

Mother nature + the heavens have really outdone themselves today! Not only is it the summer solstice (eeek!!!) (or winter solstice for you southern hemisphere friends), but we also have a bright, big full moon just ready to light up the night sky! Like, for real. Both of them on…

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reclaiming december // why i am deciding to spend the next 4 weeks in a cave

i call it my advent cave. and, yes, i am going to hibernate in it for the next 4-5 weeks. sort of until the new year begins, i guess. in here, though, i will not be just sleeping and avoiding. i will be taking back december. in my advent cave,…


girl seeker: nature + mysticism, and two religions i knew nothing about.

i missed my post on the book, man seeks god, last week. i had just moved into my new apartment and, frankly, things were a crazy, beautiful mess, and i completely forgot. so, today, i’m gonna share the last two religions that eric weiner “researched” in quest to discover his god.…

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meditation mondays: i just realized i’ve been wandering in the desert too.

lent has begun. as last week passed, christians around the world began their six week reflective season before easter. a time of remembering who we are and where we are headed in this life. a time to look at the difficult life of the person of jesus, and see if…