prime-time procrastination.

what i should be doing is packing. like for real. i mean, i’m moving to another country in 2.5 days for pete’s sake. so, i should be pulling out things, making my packing inventory list (so i know all the weird things i’ve packed when customs & border control questions me why i have 9 mugs in my carry on baggage, a big round tray, 2 wire baskets, pillow cases…), thrwing more things away, and cramming stuff into every nook & cranny i can find.

but, what i’m actually doing is this:

lizzie needs some new music! any suggestions?


think usa, wandering, new chapter, adventure, life, nature, bliss. leave a comment with your suggestions! and then i’ll post the playlist. promise.

so, yeah. we are in that overwhelmed-so-let’s-ignore-everything mode. i’m making a playlist, and lina’s reading a magazine. like we have absolutely no care in the world. and nothing to do tomorrow or wednesday. at one point today, i curled up into a ball on the bed and just stared at the ceiling till i fell asleep. seriously. i need help. we need help.

eh… think i’ll try to skype my dad for a minute. and then go to bed and dream about all the possibilities and amazing adventures that await me on the other side of the ocean. so, how was your monday, dear friends?

rock on. peace.

the city of islands.


hello from the capital of sweden… beautiful stockholm! the city spread out over (i don’t know exactly how many) islands. a truly unique & gorgeous place. my love and i arrived last night for a weekend of business & pleasure. the business will all be taken care of by this afternoon, so then it’s 48 hours of fun in this amazing city! tonight we’ll be in the old part of downtown – think 1400s/1500s old (cool huh?!)- at a concert in an old underground wine-cellar-turned-music-bar(double cool!). and guess what, my love’s gonna sing with the band! sooo exciting (triple cool!)! then, we’ll be spending the rest of the weekend with a friend, exploring, shopping, tasting. feels amazing to have a chance to be in the city for a few days. gonna soak it up & live life!

wishing you an fabulous weekend too. as my cousin said to me… “have a blast, go wild, & do something irresponsible!” a college student’s way of saying.. live life & enjoy the beautiful moments that come your way. do it!

peace out!

a tiny corner of heaven on earth.

happy sunday, all you out there! here in sweden, summer continues as it has been… rainy & gray.  of course, every now & then there’s a day of brilliant sunshine and unbelievable weather. but, most days… rain. gloom. chilliness. meh. oh well. i’m gonna find a way to not complain & enjoy it. perhaps write A LOT! sounds great to me (and to lina too. gotta get that book written so we can live our dream life of traveling around the world, writing, photographing, singing, and experiencing).

well, i thought i’d take this rainy day to begin my series of posts on my camp experience in the archipelago with an introduction to camp life there. a little tour, you could say.

so, welcome to…

on my way!

i’m obsessed with the yellow fields of flowers all over sweden. so beautiful.

typical swedish highway. geez i miss driving soooo much.

this is the house you first see when you drive up. so swedish. love it. all of the meals (unless its pouring down rain) are eaten at the picnic tables in the yard. you know, the calendar shows that it’s summer, so you have to eat and be outside every waking moment you can… even if it’s chilly, windy, or sprinkling. :) darkness and cold will come again in a few months. so, we live in the moment right now.


the kitchen & dining room area. with two rooms on the 2nd floor… where i slept.

my first room: directly over the kitchen, so every morning i woke to the conversations of the group preparing breakfast. hehe.

my second room: soooo cozy. we moved around because people came & went, and it’s all about sharing, right?


 little cabins that some of the families stayed in. cute cute cute!

 loving the clothes & towels hanging on the front porches of the cabins.

 boathouse. a place of solitude.

preparing for the first campfire. we met here nightly for songs, games, grilling, & fun.

 the swimming area. a super popular place. and the only place you can get mediocre phone reception. hehe.

so, there you go. a little corner of heaven in the swedish archipelago. a place to get back to simplicity, a place to live in community filled with tons of opportunities for laughter & conversation, and also a place to find a few moments of quiet contemplation. for my love, it is a piece of her history. a symbolic place of peace, family, friends, & love throughout her life. for me, it has become a place of rest and a place which i am longing to visit again in the summer of 2013.

yes, skeppsgårds camp has found it’s way into my heart.

peace & beauty.

week 2: photo a day april challenge.

woo hoo! another week and 7 more photo challenges = 7 more tiny little peeks into my life. i am loving this challenge more & more. they say that it takes 21 days to form a habit, or to make something part of your life. in march, when i did this photo challenge, i must admit that there were some days that i found it to be a struggle, annoying, or i had an uninspiring day. but, now i’ve crossed that 21 day mark, and with each day i feel excited by the words that i see each morning, giving me my challenge for that day. i feel my creativity flowing and i am enjoying every second of creating a way to express the challenge for the day. there is no stress involved in this little project now, only a desire to create a photo and to have fun finding it.

ok. time for the pics!

day 8: inside your wallet – with this challenge, i decided to snap a shot of me moving back into my spring-inspired wallet. i love this wallet.

day 9: a younger you – i grabbed an old photo of me (at 3 years old) with my granddad at his retirement ceremony. he was a methodist minister (which i work as today) and i have always felt such inspiration from him, even though he died 27 years ago. i don’t know, i can’t explain it. there’s just a connection that’s always been there…

day 10: cold – tuesday afternoon, my love came home from work for lunch. she was cold, cold, cold. it’s april, but here in sweden, the weather has remained chilly and damp, leaving us feeling cold to our bones. during lunch, my love wrapped up in a blanket to take the chill off.

day 11: where i ate breakfast: i didn’t just eat a regular breakfast on this day… nope. i had 2 types of cake, sandwiches, fruit, and coffee. it was a birthday fika in the cafe at the church where i work. and it was yummy! the cafe…

the fika..

day 12: stairs – these are the stairs leading to my apartment door. you see, thursday was laundry day. so i climbed the five flights of stairs between my apartment & the cellar at least 7 times. whew.

day 13: something i found – a new app for my iPhone. hehe. it’s called tadaa, and it’s a camera/photo app. pretty cool filters, i think. i’m gonna have to play around with it some. here’s a pic of one of my windows.

day 14: how i feel today – i found this pic on pinterest (another addiction of mine)  this morning and it said exactly how i feel today… i just wanna get away from it all with my love. take a road trip. have an adventure. soak up life. anyone wanna come along?

the weather here has been so crappy this past week, as i said above. cold. rainy. dreary. ugh. perhaps that’s one reason why i feel like i need to get away and take a roadtrip. i have been in some serious need of some vitamin d. i mean, come on, it’s mid-april now. spring should be here. but, alas, it isn’t quite here yet. the trees are trying to bud, there are a few flowers popping out, but it remains cold & windy & rainy.

until today. it was still chilly, but the sky was blue, the sun was shining, and lina & i got ourselves out of the apartment & all over downtown. fika, a real estate expo (where we found our future apartment! fingers crossed!), wandered the streets, held hands, and enjoyed the sunshine. then it was time for some spring cleaning at home with the windows open; and finally a night at home to rest with my love. oh, i am so unbelievably thankful for the weather today… i needed the sunshine badly. thank you, weather gods.

how’s your weekend going? i hope that your weather is lovely and that you find yourself in the midst of beautiful moments. if things aren’t going quite as you had planned or hoped for, hold on and breathe deep. you are stronger than you think. and tomorrow will be a new day.

don’t forget to check back next week to see the next photo challenge installment! and thanks for reading!

wishing you peace.