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Why I believe we should have rituals. Plus, a playlist to help us get started.

Happy new week, lovelies. This week I wanna talk with you about rituals. Are you freaking out yet? Or completely turned off? Stay will me… I’ve talked about rituals before here on the blog. And, I have pretty much summed up what I believe about them in a few old posts. But, today, I want to..

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the week when everything started to fall into place // 3

so, another week has passed all freaking ready. 2016 is really getting underway now. and i am feeling so very good at work. it’s amazing the difference that i have experienced between the first week of work and the second week of work. it feels like i’ve found my sea legs, you might say. not..

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the week that i fell out of balance // 2

hey there! how are all of my favorite blog readers? have you had a good week? i have had a crazy, busy, but very good week. a week full of adjustments, you could say. and, the adjustments are not quite figured out just yet. well, they are not figured out at all, to be honest…

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