Why I believe we should have rituals. Plus, a playlist to help us get started.

20 Feb 2017 mixtapes, spirit + soul

Happy new week, lovelies. This week I wanna talk with you about rituals. Are you freaking out yet? Or completely turned off? Stay will me… I’ve talked about rituals before here on the blog. And, I have pretty much summed up what I believe about them in a few old posts. But, today, I want to challenge you to join me in creating your own ritual this week. Now, I’ve done a little of the legwork already (unless you feel likeRead More

the week when everything started to fall into place // 3

24 Jan 2016 the sacred everyday

so, another week has passed all freaking ready. 2016 is really getting underway now. and i am feeling so very good at work. it’s amazing the difference that i have experienced between the first week of work and the second week of work. it feels like i’ve found my sea legs, you might say. not that i know what’s going on completely. in no way am i totally into it all. i’m still learning and have much, much more toRead More

the week that i fell out of balance // 2

17 Jan 2016 the sacred everyday

hey there! how are all of my favorite blog readers? have you had a good week? i have had a crazy, busy, but very good week. a week full of adjustments, you could say. and, the adjustments are not quite figured out just yet. well, they are not figured out at all, to be honest. i’m teetering on a tightrope, or juggling about 10 balls in the air at the same time, or doing some other kind of circus trick.Read More

the week when everything was new // 1

i love preparing my little posts that give a glimpse of what my week has looked like. i get to process my thoughts, remember what’s happened, and share some of the photos that i took during the week. it’s also a great way to help me stay in the present moment + focus on gratitude. of course, the most important thing about these posts is that i am able to truly notice that it is the everyday little things that are theRead More

week 53 // the week that was celebratory + slow

after the christmas excitement, came the week that felt like a cozy hibernation vacation. on monday morning, my love and i woke to a snowy ground outside our window. it wasn’t much, but enough to make it finally feel like winter. and the perfect timing for weather that just calls you to slow down and stay inside. so, we did just that. (minus my 10 minute walk out in our backyard  to capture this photo). i made lots of coffee.Read More



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