wednesday wisdom: rules of living #8

isn’t it amazing how things just happen serendipitously? like they were meant to be? it’s been a fairly regular occurrence in my life that, when there is one thing on my mind, it surfaces everywhere i look, or comes up in many conversations i have. the one message/idea/thought that i seem to be dealing with most at any given moment, just pops up all over – reinforcing that same message/idea/thought. i suppose it has to be a mystical way of the universe at work, combined with my attentiveness to something, that heightens my awareness…

interestingly enough, it happened today when lina pulled today’s “rule of living” out of my cup. if you don’t know what i’m talking about, i have printed off the dalai lama’s 18 rules of living on 18 separate slips of paper & put them in a cup. every wednesday morning, my love pulls one out, and that is the topic (rule) for the day – what i am going to write about on the blog for this wednesday series i am doing on the 18 rules of living.

so, just as i have been battling with thoughts of a being a bit of failure here & there – work-related, dream-related, and cathedral-related (see my cathedral series here), this was the rule that was randomly chosen for today:

7. When you realize you’ve made a mistake, take immediate steps to correct it.

there’s not much more to say than that, i believe. no matter what mistake has occurred, the best thing to do is to reflect on it. learn from it. reconcile with anyone (including ourselves!). make a change. and move on. aaaand, we must never forget… there is no need to be perfect. we are flawed and imperfect and beautiful just as we are. besides, often our mistakes, and the lessons we learn from them, are the things that make life colorful, exciting, adventurous, and amazing.

now, here are a few other little morsels of goodness to consider:

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now, let’s get on with it, friends! take risks, don’t be afraid, give yourself a break, don’t be afraid of failing, and follow your soul. and, if you screw up, well… then just keep on moving! here’s to you and all of your amazingness!

namaste. xx

making me all weepy.

think of this post as a little celebration on a completely random day.

one year ago today, i wrote an important post (click here to read it). it may not have been important to anyone but me. but, nevermind that. it was one of those serendipitous days that occurs every so often when you just know that everything is right. when your soul is not whispering to you, but shouting with joy and you feel as if you might burst. a day when everything makes sense and life seems exactly as it should.

it was a very powerful day for me. a day where i realized that i was ready. ready to really chase my dreams. ready to accept and understand and move forward. ready to admit that i would never go back – i could never go back – to simply living my old, “regular” life, but i knew that it was time to embrace the calling and the feeling that i was meant to write. no matter what.

and while it made sense to me, how any of that would be possible, i had no idea. i knew that i was going to do it. i had no idea how, but i believed. lina and i were already committed to moving to asheville so that lina could follow her dreams, but this time last year, i embraced that this move meant that i would also be following my dream as well.

it was as if i gave myself permission to just jump. to take a leap of faith and risk it. and that’s what last year’s post was all about.

this week, Facebook turned 10 and they created little videos for users based on their photos and updates – things they had posted on Facebook since they first began using it. i joined Facebook in 2007, just a few weeks after meeting lina. and i actually joined so that lina and i could keep in touch. so, our entire relationship was based on a friendship started in sweden and developed through Facebook messages and webcam chats.


when i clicked on my little one-minute video to see what Facebook had created for me, i was brought to tears by the photos and words that appeared before my eyes. it was a collection of beautiful moments from the very beginning of our relationship to now, in addition to some great highlights of my family and other amazing memories. i was so touched by my little video, and it brought to mind this incredible journey that i have been on throughout the past year. well, actually the past seven years…

so, i just had to share it with you. i wanted to share it as a way of honoring my life and reminding me of how overwhelmingly grateful i am. i wanted to share it with you to “prove” to you that you can make your dreams come true, that it is possible to live the life that you dream of and to find your passion. and i wanted to encourage you to never give up.

i hope that you, too, can look back over your life, whether it be 10 years or 10 days, and find things to celebrate as well. but, more than anything, i wish for you to feel hope and excitement and peace as you look forward.

click below to watch the video:

 peace & love. xx

are you trying to tell me something?

i think the universe is speaking to me.

something is happening in my little family. it’s crazy. i don’t know if i should call it destiny, providence, serendipity, or things that are just meant to be… but, i can tell you that i have experienced this before and i believe that i am experiencing it again. it’s a feeling when everything seems to be connecting. everything seems to be flowing. it feels as if the universe is just giving & giving & giving to me (and my love) right now, and i’m overwhelmed with happiness & excitement.

it’s not like a tap on the shoulder, but more like the universe screaming at me/us…

it’s time. follow you heart. listen to your soul. let all that you desire, all that is truly you, come to you.

lately, things have been happening, dreams have begun to be realized, and opportunities to use the passions that my love & i have are raining down on us. from nowhere. everything’s just falling into our laps.

  • i got that photography gig a few weeks ago.
  • one of my pictures from the gig showed up in the newspaper!
  • one of my pictures from the gig is gonna be printed next week in another newspaper. yes!
  • a person from the newspaper is going to be contacting me about doing a little freelance writing & photography work of my own. (seriously!)

my creativity is flowing like crazy. my soul feels like it is on fire. these things just keep happening. and at the same time, my love is getting signs and messages from the universe as well… she is planning to play/sing/create more during the fall (read more about that here), and opportunities are just falling into her lap too. and all of this is happening at a time when we are in the middle of some tough times that have meant drastic changes to our life. but, once thing is certain, in the midst of all of the tough times over the past 4 months, i have gained a more concrete understanding of “seize the day”.

i am certain, i know it in my soul, that these things are happening for a reason. that the timing is perfect. as crazy as it may seem, i know that lina & i are being told, or are being reassured that following our soul, listening our hearts, and following our dreams is the path for us. i am certain that now is the time for us to know that we are called to be simply who we are, to do those things that fill us, that make us dance & sing. i am certain that we are being encouraged to live the life that we dream… full of art, music, adventure, travel, writing. a life that may not look like everyone else’s, but one that allows us to give back by just being us.

i know right now that the universe, that God, is calling us to go. to go into the unknown and to simply be. to follow our bliss, and wherever we are, we will be used, our lives can & will make a difference. now is not the time to settle for a good life…  now is the time to let life give us more than we ever imagined was possible: freedom, peace, love. and with those gifts given to us, we can give all that freedom, love, & peace right back to the world.

i also know that life works this way. and sometimes, if you’re listening, you can feel that something is opening, that something is happening, that something is changing.

four years ago, when i decided to quit my job, sell/give away almost everything i owned, and move to denmark (without a new job or a place to live), i did it all without knowing what would happen. but, i did it because i knew it was me. i knew it was right. and i knew that the opportunity was now or never. i had learned that my life may not look like everyone else’s, that my dreams were big & that i believed in them, and that i must just trust that all will be well. come what may.

i spent that year, before i moved to denmark, learning to listen. and i made a vow to myself: to always stay in touch with my soul. i promised myself that no dream was too crazy or too big. i learned that living life & living life passionately were two very different ways of living, and i vowed to always passionately. to always follow my bliss.

today, i am living that dream that was in the making for 15 years. it didn’t turn out exactly how i pictured it as a 20 year old (i thought i’d be living in denmark, speaking danish. oh man, that’s a whole other story); but it turned out way better than i imagined. i am living in europe. married. blissfully happy & committed to sharing all of life with my love. using my theological education in my work. traveling. meeting new people from all over the world. and finding time to write & take pictures. yes, inspiration is all around me. i was just crazy enough to believe in my dream, and here i am.

but now, there are more dreams. more goals. i know myself even better than when i moved here 2 years ago, and i know even better my place in this world, my calling. … at least at this point in my life. for all of life is a journey; and i believe that we live in seasons, and that “there is nowhere you can be that isn’t where you’re meant to be” (thanks, john lennon).

living our dreams. art. music. photography. words.

today, i am certain that lina & i are being called to live the life we are meant to live. to take risks. to be adventurous. to fulfill our passions. the signs are all around us. the timing is right. and, whoever said it was right: if not now, when? 

i am listening, universe. i hear you.

go out & grab life, my friends. take a risk. live your dream. be bold, courageous, & daring. but most of all, just be you.

dreams of peace for you all.

on being present. here & now.

sometimes, something comes along at just the right moment. call it karma, providence, serendipity, luck, whatever. somehow it just happens… it’s a mystery. a sacred, secret, wonderful mystery how these things happen. but they do. and just when i needed it most, in the midst of all the hustle & bustle in my life, & in my head, i stumbled onto this quote. i’ll not say anything more about it, just pass it along to each of you to soak in as you feel…

“by living deeply in the present moment we can understand the past better and prepare for a better future.”

– Thich Nhat Hanh

a little challenge for us all: when you find yourself today dwelling on the past or living too far into the future with plans and anxiety, remember to be in the moment and savor right then and there all that life, the universe  has given you. just be.

wishing you balance & peace. ♥