a cup of coffee cures everything.


yes. i had a mini-meltdown yesterday. and, as i suspected, today i feel much better. i suppose i just needed to get that all out. i needed to process. and i needed y’all to listen. which you did, as usual. thank you so much… for your comments, advice, pep talks, and support. i’m a lucky girl since i have all of you. and you help keep me sane.

so , now, i’ve moving on.

yesterday’s view at high five coffee bar.

today, i did the same thing i did yesterday in the morning after i dropped off lina… i went to a new cafe in town. not new new, but new to me. and as i sipped my coffee out of my mug that i brought from home (here in asheville, businesses encourage green living by offering discounts when you BYOM – bring your own mug. sweet, huh?), i thought that i just might do a little 40 day cafe thing. a kind of cafe challenge.

what i am challenging myself to do is to go to a cafe every day (monday -friday) for the next 40 days. blog, journal, and/or photograph my experiences each day, and see what comes of spending that intentional time alone, and yet in the community. i mean, i love coffee. i love asheville. i need to meet people. and right now, i can work from my computer anywhere that has wifi, so it’s perfect. creative. an experiment. an adventure. i wonder what will happen… will i really just sit and read for 40 days? or will i end up talking with people? will i write any? how much? will i really try 40 different coffee shops/cafes?

today’s view as i sipped a cup of joe and sat outside at world cafe.

i think i got inspired today when i sat down with my cup of coffee and saw a person coming toward me who i recognized. soon, i realized that it was the guy that i met with a few weeks ago at a cafe. the same one where i was today actually. he slowed down and chatted for a minute, as he was on his way to work. and then, something clicked in me. i very way may get to know more people, make more connections, run into people again & again as i make these cafe visits over the next 40 days. plus, i got stuck thinking about (and coveting) his job. he works for the paper and has an online blog. i just felt something inside me as he walked past… like taking this time over the next 40 days might produce something. and i have no idea what i mean by that, it’s just something.

also, yesterday, some of my IG (instagram) buddies poked fun at me for  “taking them on a tour” of different cafes in asheville with all of my photos. and, now, i’m thinking… why not build on that? why not make this a daily ritual for the next 40 days and see what happens?

so , i’m excited. motivated. and ready to see what transformations can occur over a simple cup of coffee.

monday’s dirty chai. delish.

40 cups. 40 cafes. 40 days.

now, i only need a title. what do i call this little cafe experiment? any suggestions?! feel free to comment away!

peace & love over a cup of joe.

“Don’t get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life.” ~ D.P.


did you know that dolly parton has a theme park?! and did you also know that it is only about 1.5/2 hours from where we live?! well, she does! and it is!

dollywood (what else would it be called? hehe.) has been around for a while, but, like all great amusement parks, it gets bigger and bigger, and more over the top than ever, as the years pass. dolly parton over the top? hehe. i’m not picking on her… i truly do love her. now, the last time i visited dollywood, i was about 15… so that was about *bleep* years ago. before the internet. and cell phones (except maybe those bag ones). and starbucks. yes, that’s right, i am that old.

in any case, dollywood would prove to waaaaay different from what i remember it to be. legitimate roller coasters. and tons of fans/people/thrill seekers/families all over.

we headed to dollywood last sunday to celebrate my sweet, amazing friend, jessica’s birthday. 30th birthday! she and her family (part of our extended family) are big time dollywood lovers, and they invited us along for the fun. lina was about to jump out of her skin with excitement when she found out we were going. i’m surprised she slept any the night before. love ya, baby.

so, off we went! over the smokey mountains & into tennessee. we spent a super nice july day wandering the park, some of us riding rides, eating food, seeing shows, and laughing pretty much constantly. it was a fabulous day and we are so thankful that we got to spend it with the howard/redd family! and yes… we are now season pass ticket holders. suckers.

canton, north carolina dollywoodIMG_0287


DSC_0013 DSC_0053 IMG_0309 IMG_0265 IMG_0280 IMG_0279

DSC_0037 IMG_0296 IMG_0317what a great way to celebrate jessica’s birthday and our move back to the smokey mountains!

for your viewing pleasure.♥

peace out, loveys.

have wheels. will travel.


hyundai carwell, we bought a car! after some long, excruciating hours of wheelin’ & dealin’ at the car dealership, we got the car we wanted at a fair price. woo hoo. together, lina & i got the price down to exactly what we said we could be our spending limit. again, who needs a man?! the guys (and sadly, it was all guys) were actually really nice and helpful and funny. seems that we run into fun, kind, friendly people everywhere. love that.


IMG_0136of course, since we now have wheels, we took them into the downtown area. parked. and did a little shoe shopping. hehe. while we were out & about, i snapped a few pics of the area. downtown asheville, the place we love with all our hearts.


IMG_0143our apartment is just outside of downtown, so it takes about 5-10 minutes to drive to the center of town. really close. really handy. and exciting!

IMG_0139we ended the day with a family dinner at a local pizza place… asheville brewing company. they brew their own beer, show movies in their theater area (for super cheap), have tons of veggie food, and a great, funky atmosphere. so, i ordered the firehouse beer (with jalepenos!) and some other scrumptious goodies. but, the best was that we were all together for dinner. i am so thankful. xo, family!

IMG_0146now, it’s the weekend, and we’ve got some fun plans. there’s a music festival/street fair in downtown all weekend = equal beer, music, walking, local vendors, crafts, & fun. then, on sunday, we are headed to tennessee for the day (only a hour away) to visit dollywood!! dolly parton’s amusement park! lina is about to freak the freak out.

ok. errands to run now. emails to send. and then, the fun begins. happy friday, my friends! (after photos of the apartment coming soon!)

peace & love.