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10 things I love about the Yellow Villa

One year ago we bought our apartment. It was an unexpected move, and originally we had no intention of buying. But, it was a crazy time, things fell in place, and suddenly we found ourselves in the middle of the real estate game in Uppsala. From the time that we found out that we had to..

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why i nest when the seasons change

we’re coming up on autumn up here in the northern hemisphere – and that means that i’m getting into that nesting mood. it happens every time this year… i start to stock up on candles, bring out the blankets + cozy, fluffy sheepskin rugs. making all of the corners of our home cozy + ready..

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the week that i rode the wave of grace // 36

you know those days when you wake up + it just feels “off”? well, that happened to me on thursday. and i was like, “oh no. not one of these days. just meditate and focus and call on your groundedness to calm + connect you.” i said this to myself as i pulled back the..

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