the first cozy evening

it’s wednesday evening and we have landed safe and sound in sweden. we’re all settled in at lina’s parents’ home, ready for our vacation to begin – receiving so many greeting on Facebook and instagram from people who are welcoming us back and making plans to see us sometime in the next 4 weeks. so, now, it’s time for tons of adventures, lots of time with friends and family, fikas galore, a week totally off the grid in nature, road trips and who knows what else we can get into! but, before we get into anything, this girl’s gotta sleep. so, with the sun not even close to setting now at 9:15 pm, i’m closing the blinds, drawing the curtains, stretching out and snuggling under the covers.  you know, it feels quite good to be here in norrköping again. everything’s beautiful, cozy, and familiar – just as i remember it.


photo by lina with my iPhone

night night, friends. peace & love. xx

i should be sleeping.

jetlag has taken over my mind & my body. i can’t think straight. i should be sleeping, but i’m not. i’m exhausted, but still awake. there is so much in my head. everything feels cozy & safe. i am inspired. i feel creative. it has been a tiring, yet amazing day. and now, i just want to write & write & write. all night. all day. and let the words flow. what a magical, beautiful, ordinary night this is.

wishing you peace & love.

gratitude 30: week 2

well, here we are. halfway through november. already! it’s crazy, isn’t it? time is flying by and we are speeding towards the end of 2012. my brain can’t really comprehend that, so i’ll wait to reflect on that later on in december. but, for now, it is mid-november and holiday decorations are springing up everywhere little by lithe. it’s almost thanksgiving. almost the beginning of advent. and…

it’s almost time to go to the states!!!! only one month left!

but, before i get too ahead of myself. lemme focus on here & now. the present moment. and all that i have been grateful for this past week…

day 8: sleep

it’s true. i’m thankful for laundry days because they end with me sleeping wrapped up in clean sheets. love that.

day 9: holidays

i capital L O V E holidays.

day 10: kindness

i am so lucky to have a cat who cuddles up to me, just to be kind.

day 11: friendship

a little cutie is best friends with her little toys.

day 13: music

in many ways, music is what makes my world go round. my faves this fall: the avett brothers, first aid kit, mumford and sons, and the civil wars. click on the picture to get my fall playlist.

day 14: time

every tuesday i have a chance to sit in a sanctuary in silence. i love this time. most tuesdays i’m alone. but sometimes there are a few others there too. but always, it’s quiet. and peaceful.

day 15: creativity

so true. enough said.

speaking of creativity…  this photo challenge is going quite well for me. it has re-ignited my passion for snapping shots on a daily basis. and  focusing on what i am thankful for is truly a positive mood booster.

so, i’m halfway there. december’s on it’s way & i’m still wondering what i’m gonna do as a photo challenge for december. am i gonna create my own?! and if so, what the heck will i use as prompts? there is something in me that says that it’s time for me to create my own. plus, the challenge of it excites me. to end the year with my own photo challenge… how cool is that? but, then i second guess myself and wonder how i will make it creative, fun, & exciting. what the heck will i use as prompts?! or perhaps i will create the photo challenge, but you all, my readers, can submit an idea for a prompt, and then it’ll be a community-made photo challenge. that could be cool too!

so, what do y’all think? should i try my own? of course i’d share it with all of you & invite you to take part! or should we embark on a photo challenge that we make together? hmm… let me know your ideas/thoughts, and i’ll get back with you on monday with what i’ve decided to do!

love & peace.

restless nights.


tonight i’m feeling restless. bored. like i don’t know what to do, but don’t really want to do anything either.

i think it’s the darkness. as i mentioned yesterday, daylight savings time ended last night. so, winter time is upon us. today, when i walked home after work at 2:45, i knew the sun was beginning its descent. it had already fallen below all of the buildings. by the time 4 came, all the lights needed to be turned on. by 7, I felt as if it was 10 since it had been dark for so many hours already.

usually i feel really cozy in the middle go the swedish autumn’s darkness; but tonight I was pacing the floors. nor even a few candles lit could soothe me. i gave up about 8:30, and my love (who felt just like me) and i crawled into bed. we lit a candle, i downed a glass of wine, and we talked about our dreams, about the future. we talked ourselves down from our restless evening. it’s now almost 10, and a respectable time to go to bed without feeling like a little old lady. the cat has made herself a little nest between us now, the final sign that its time to bring this day to a close & rest before tomorrow.

so, goodnight world. snuggle down and let the darkness envelop you. feel calmness & silence all around you.

peace, I wish for you.

tonight’s bedtime story.

finish each day and be done with it. you have done what you could. some blunders and absurdities no doubt crept in; forget them as soon as you can. tomorrow is a new day. you shall begin it serenely and with too high a spirit to be encumbered with your old nonsense. ~ ralph waldo emerson

goodnight, from my little corner of the world.


wakey wakey.


why is it that yesterday, when i had nothing i had to do until lunch time, i woke up at 4:30 and struggled to fall asleep again; and today, i woke to my 6:30 alarm (because i am leaving at 8:00 for a meeting) and felt as if i could sleep for at least 4 more hours? why is it like that? is there some law of nature i don’t know about?

oh well. no time to ponder these things… the sun is shining, my pot of coffee is ready, i need 5 minutes of yoga/breathing, and then there’s lots to do! gotta run!

have a fabulous tuesday! peace.