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two weeks later + i do not accept the “new normal”

two weeks ago, i was ready to pull an all-nighter. i had my wine, my popcorn, my twitter feed up on my phone, my tv tuned into the all-night swedish news, and my computer screen streaming nbc. i was ready for an epic night and the first woman president of the united states of america…

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either you are welcome or you’re not.

i’ve got something on my mind. something that i think that we, as a society, need to think about. or, without sounding too pretentious & judgmental, something that i think is important for us to consider. and that is… when we say that we are open (if we say that. i am aware of many..

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day 3: something i wore.(and incompatible me).

today it was all about the jeans and the tee… my go-to outfit. my fav outfit. my i-can-wear-this-everyday outfit. it’s just me. casual. carefree. relaxed. simple. wearing my fav style today got me thinking… about me. who i am. these clothes, while they may not be fancy or anything special, are precisely who i am. i..

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