how to have an awesome 5 day weekend.

6 Jun 2011 Uncategorized

you knew it was comin’…. all the pics from the weekend! and oh my gosh, what a weekend it has been!! FUN FUN FUN!!! (to quote lyrics from a song i “discovered” thanks to j.) here’s one way to have an awesome 5 day weekend: get some friends together. go to some beautiful place in the beautiful weather. relax. then move to another beautiful place in the beautiful weather. and relax. repeat this over and over for 4 more days.Read More

the premiere.

31 May 2011 wilderness

summer weather has arrived in sweden!! and you know what that means, right?! yep. flip flops! my favorite shoes to wear (or not wear, since that’s part of the point for me. hehe.) anyway… after our day of business & work was over, lina and i put on summer clothes, grabbed a blanket & books, and headed to a sunny, warm park. and i wore my flip flops to get there. yes! oh how i looove summer weather! peace out.

full speed ahead.

11 May 2011 life

it’s really busy this week. guess i’m gonna go full speed ahead from now until my summer vacation begins (in 6 weeks!!!!) but, its all good! i was talking with lina yesterday about the crazy irony that for 7 months we had no resources ($) and plenty of time; and now, we have some money & no time. seriously, isn’t there a balance somewhere?! though i wouldn’t change a thing about our cozy, stay at home winter. and i’m sureRead More

guess what we got?!

yep. we bought our plane tickets monday! so, we’re headed to north carolina in the end of june! gonna be so wonderful to be back there. summer, family, sun, food, boats, laughter, road trips (and i get to drive again!!!!! geez. i miss driving!), downtown asheville, friends, the beach, shopping, starbucks, the mountains,  and a few surprises i’m sure! can’t wait!! crazy fun times are coming… in just about 2 months! map from google maps. peace out, friends.



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