reclaiming december // the last post of the series

the darkest days are over. we have just started to emerge from the depths of our caves. not, fully out yet, but awakening. stretching. moving. peering at the light that has pierced through the darkness. that tiny sliver of light that reminds us that we are now starting a new journey. the journey that leads outward. it’s transition time, friends. and we are beginning this journey as changed people. do you feel differently? do you have any different perspectives, thoughts,Read More

// week thirty eight // it’s the little things that mean the most

21 Sep 2015 the sacred everyday

hello lovelies! welcome to our new week! well, last week was a little like a broken record. work work work work. i have been so busy with work lately. and it’s been really, really great. but i am totally exhausted. so much new photography stuff has been crammed into my brain. and swedish all the live long day. whew. my brain is fried. but, it’s great to get to speak so much swedish since we only speak english at homeRead More

i’m a pro at building castles in the air

4 Dec 2014 spirit + soul

oh these dark days of advent… they’ve got me all messed up in my head. i am someone who is always positive and i have a pretty good level of self confidence. but, recently, i have started doubting myself. wondering if i will ever accomplish the things that i want to accomplish… and, the shitty thing is, i know exactly what i want, and yet, i don’t do it. well, in some ways i don’t do it. in other ways, it’sRead More

serenity + insanity

3 Dec 2014 spirit + soul

december has arrived, and so far it has brought me a big mixture of serene, cozy, quiet moments + crazy, stressful, frustrating moments. i hope that it won’t be such a big roller coaster month then entire time, but, if it is, then i’ll survive. i am certain that it is because no one should “plan” to make a big move to another country in the middle of a holiday season – craaaaazy. of course, we actually didn’t plan itRead More

nyc: exploring without a map (day 2.1)

1 Jun 2014 travel + wander, usa

i reached the corner of avenue a, and in front of me sprawled Tompkins Square Park. its trees hung heavy with new growth, pollen sifting dreamily over the benches and grass, the dogs and playing children. bussing with laughter and motion and birdsong, it seemed more alive than anything i’d ever seen. smelling the spring that day, and in it my own unearthed history, i wanted to lift my face to the sky and howl.” – melissa febos in goodbyeRead More



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