let the holiday season begin!

it’s official. the turkey has been eaten. the food coma has been cured. and the official holiday season has begun. the happy girl christmas dance has commenced! as i type this, christmas music is finally filling my ears and i’m snacking on leftover turkey biscuits. aaaand i think we are considering getting ourselves out in the middle of all of the shopping craziness – not necessarily to shop, but to just experience it. lina has never done the  black friday thing before, so it’s only right that we do it up a little. hehe.

but, before we get into all the craziness, i thought i’d share with you a few snapshots from our thanksgiving yesterday. i am sooooo thankful to have been here in the states this year, though serving thanksgiving in sweden to different swedes for the past 3 years was an amazing experience. still, it was good to get a little traditional american turkey day stuff on.  in fact, i got all overwhelmed and emotional at one point, actually. if you are american and celebrated thanksgiving, i hope that you had a beautiful day, wherever you are! and to all of you… happy holidays. the time has arrived!

this is how i roll when i’m preparing thanksgiving dinner… wine & messiness.


it’s thanksgiving morning!!


A beautiful thanksgiving sunrise! (the storms have all passed. whew.)


perusing the black friday ads while drinking morning coffee…


the table is all set. so hard to wait for the food…. I’m hungry!


lina’s first time putting the marshmallows on the sweet potatoes. and it was perfect!


f i n a l l y!  mmm…


and the day is done… a beautiful sunset after an absolutely wonderful thanksgiving day full of food & fun.


i’m so unbelievably thankful for so very much. xx

wishing you peace & love.

soaking up those late summer days.

have i got a bunch of photos to share with you?  or have i got a bunch of photos to share with you! whew. i’ve got a bunch of pictures to share with you! there really are quite a few actually. and since they’ve piled up on my computer and in my phone, that means it’s time that i do a simple photo post. so, here ya go… life in asheville in mid-august:

a little natural love:


sunrise from my balcony. my perfect meditation spot.

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the sunset view from our building. they’ve been amazing lately.

family. friends. home. love.



doors flung wide open!

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working & studying all afternoon long from the balcony. the best way to focus. hehe.

my zola collection:

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my love’s first days as a student at UNCA!


opening convocation! the ceremony that officially begins the school year.

first day of class! UNCA

excited & ready to tackle the first day of classes.


bogged down in work already. she’s so studious.

oh… asheville.

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drum circle

click on the picture to see a friday tradition in asheville! (the drum circle!)

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summer is quickly winding down, but i’m holding on to the warmth in the air, the cafe visits outside, and the sun on my skin. i’ll admit that i am beginning to feel a little twinge of excitement about the coming of fall… but for now, i am soaking up every little bit of late summer that i can muster. i living in the present. day to day. moment to moment.

and sending you all peace & love. happy almost weekend.


coastal living.

happy saturday, friends! hope you’re having a beautiful, peaceful, & fun weekend wherever you are. for me, all’s well. still hanging out at the beach (we drive back to asheville tomorrow!) & soaking up the sun. we’ve been able to reconnect with some family, ride the boat, lounge on the dock, sip afternoon beers, eat endless amounts of seafood, sleep, and watch amazing sunrises & sunsets. pretty much perfect.

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